10 Biggest Dream Matches WWE Can Still Book

Playing ‘fantasy booker’ is one of the most exciting things about being a wrestling fan.

Those who follow the sport have been concocting potential dream matches for decades, and the practice will continue ad infinitum, particularly as wrestling’s already-vast talent pool keeps growing in size and scope. The sport has never been as crammed with outstanding performers as it is today, and while many of the world’s best workers still ply their trade on the smaller stages, the pool’s depth is reflected in WWE.

Raw, SmackDown, and NXT are stuffed to the gills at the moment. Pure in-ring action has never been Vince McMahon’s top focus, but his company certainly possesses the talent to adapt a more workrate-focused approach – and absolutely thrive with it.

WWE have already delivered countless dream matches in 2017, but haven’t exactly maximised their potential. John Cena vs. Shinsuke Nakamura and AJ Styles vs. Randy Orton were given away on free television, while Cena vs. Roman Reigns was burned on a B-level PPV. Regardless, the company’s colossal roster means they still have plenty of great bouts left in the chamber, and the options become even more enticing when extended beyond full-timers…

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