10 Dream Goldberg Matches In WWE (And How To Book Them) – Page 1

Bill Goldberg is BACK!

Roaring that very phrase as he soaked up adulation from the Toronto crowd at the Survivor Series, Goldberg’s emphatic 90-second win over Brock Lesnar sent shockwaves through the wrestling world, which only intensified when news leaked of his decision to sign on for more future WWE dates.

With his confirmation of entry into the Royal Rumble on Raw, Goldberg has immediately inserted himself into Championship contention, and will now be in the cross-hairs of a host of potential fresh opponents for mouth-watering dream matches after an inevitable return battle with ‘The Beast’.

In a time where WWE boasts probably the most diverse roster of superstars it has ever had, the prospect of being on the wrong end of a Goldberg spear and right end of a Pay-Per-View payday will be as appealing to wrestlers themsevles as it is the fans.

But from that list, just who will make Big Bill’s best opponents? From all available options currently under the vast WWE umbrella, here are 10 Dream Matches for ‘Da Man’, and how you could book them.

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