2016 Hallmark Dream Book

Sorry for the lack of videos. Grandparents died in August and September, my mom’s had a lot of problems, other family members have health problems, I just haven’t been up to it.
The format of the Dream Book is different this year with info crammed into the bottom. I tried to get a clear shot of each pages’ ornament info. But, if you can’t figure out what an ornament is called, how much, what artist, etc. then reply below, and I’ll answer as soon as possible.
I also know the limited quantity ornaments, so ask away and I’ll reveal.
I muted the video due to background noise that was distracting.

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  1. Glendon Preece
    Glendon Preece says:

    Did anybody else notice alot of the duplicates from years past? I was talking about this with my mom after she watched the video. The Cinderella Castle is the same from before even plays the same wrong song! The dumbo and his mom ornament is identical, the washing machine is very similar and so is Rainbow Brite.

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