Ask For A Visitation Dream When You Are Mourning

Millions of people who were mourning the death of a loved one have reported receiving a sign or a message from their deceased loved one or a divine being. These Extraordinary Experiences (EEs) occur at various times after the death. They include sensing the presence, feeling a touch, hearing the voice, or smelling an odor associated with the deceased, as well as a host of synchronistic, third-party, and symbolic events.

All of these contacts provide great comfort and meaning to survivors. One of the most common of all EEs are visitation dreams. Here is a common approach for seeking a visitation dream used by many mourners.

1. Place a pen and writing pad on the night table by your bed to record your dream when it occurs. A true visitation dream is never forgotten, but it may be useful to immediately write down all the small details of the dream for later use.

2. Counselors who are open to the EE phenomena often suggest to the mourner to pray for an encouraging sign that their loved one is okay. Each evening before you retire ask God or your Higher Power to allow you to have a comforting dream visit from your loved one.

3. Try to relax you and facilitate sleep by thinking of some loving memories when the beloved was alive. Take some deep breaths and focus on the comforting images you have created. Go over the scene in detail, the time of day, place, weather, what was said, who else was their, and the conversation.

4. Be patient and have faith in God or your Higher Power to hear your petition. Also, many spiritual counselors suggest asking, as you would in whatever is your faith tradition, for protection from any unwanted dreams.

5. Remember, most people who are mourning will dream of their loved one, but not all dreams are visitation dreams. A visitation dream possesses a very special sense of clarity, meaning, and reality. It will be an extremely positive experience and you will know you have been given a gift of comfort.

6. When you receive your dream, give thanks, and be sure that you write it up so you can use it as a resource for dealing with unwanted thoughts at a later time. It is also a record to pass on to your children or relatives and becomes a part of family history.

The Swiss psychiatrist, Carl Jung, the founder of analytical psychology, has long suggested that many of our psychological battles are won with spiritual solutions. He had an Extraordinary Experience after the death of his mother when riding on the train home to go to her funeral. So don’t be afraid of looking for dream help from your spiritual beliefs. The results will be meaningful and you will make it through this difficult time.

Ask others with similar beliefs to pray for you to receive your dream. There is a web site,, and a group called Prayer Wave for After-Death Communication who will also pray that you receive a sign. Persist and you will be comforted.

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