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VALDOSTA – Danny Dedd returns from military training to a nightmare.

A car wreck has killed his young pregnant wife and his parents. They died on the way to pick him up from the airport.

Bearing such a heavy loss, even his lifelong dream of being a Navy pilot cannot buoy him. He receives an honorable discharge before beginning a new life, living off his large trust-fund inheritance. A life with risks of its own.

Danny gambles, placing increasingly larger bets with a bookie. He buys a private jet and regularly flies to Las Vegas where he gambles and meets several women … can any of them comfort him after the loss of his wife?

Valdosta-based author Jamey LeVier keeps the action fast paced and piles twist upon twist in his recently released novel, “The Dedd House.”  

A book signing is scheduled for later in the week at Book & Table Book Store in Downtown Valdosta.

LeVier has also written the novel “Rose Buddies.” He is a member of the National Novel Writing Month Society and regularly attends writing workshops and webinars, according to his bio information. 

He is from Pennsylvania and now lives in Valdosta with his wife, Jennifer, which is the same name of Danny’s wife in “The Dedd House.”

LeVier writes in a style that keeps readers riveted to the action and turning pages to learn what happens next. Suspense is high and the twists will leave readers stunned. Readers should be warned the book contains strong language, violence and graphic sex scenes. 

Some readers may have a tough time with the book’s conclusion. LeVier writes in an introduction he had a tough time finding a conclusion. LeVier said he woke from a vivid dream with the idea for the novel. Based on the dream, he created an outline for everything but the conclusion.

He didn’t have an ending until weeks later. He’d already written the majority of the book without an ending then another dream, another “aha” moment in the middle of the night.

“I rushed to my writing chair and penned the ending as quickly as my hand would go, and then returned to bed in awe of what just happened,” LeVier writes in his introduction.

Jamey LeVier is scheduled to sign “The Dedd House,” 6-8 p.m. Friday, Feb. 9, Book & Table, Book Store, 120 N. Patterson St. The book will be available at the store. The book is published by Balboa Press.

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