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Making a return to the Parkland, author and pastor Robert D. Rogers will hold a book signing of his newest book at the Farmington Public Library from 2 to 6 p.m. on Thursday.

Rogers, who will be signing copies of his new book titled “How God Works in the Earth,” is the Pastor Emeritus of Oak Crest Church of God in Muskegon, Michigan, but at one time pastored a church in Bonne Terre.

“I use to be the pastor at the Bonne Terre Church of God back in 1970 or so,” Roger said. “So I am very familiar with the area, but I have been in Michigan since 1980.”

The pastor and author is excited about discussing his newest book with some familiar faces.

“The premise behind the book is many people wonder why their prayers go unanswered,” Roger said. “God’s primary way of working in the Earth is to find a person who can agree on what He wants done, and then work with that individual. So people who are waiting for God to do something may find out they are waiting for a very long time.”

According to Rogers, the book is primarily based the Book of Job. “God speaks once, yeah twice, yet man perceives it naught. In a dream, a vision of the night, he opens our ears and seal our instructions.”

“Most of us do not interpret dreams as the Bible treats them, as an important means of communication, because we don’t understand the language of dreams. Dreams have a language, and just like any other language you have to learn how to understand and interpret it.”

Although the topic may seem daunting, Rogers believes people will enjoy the nature of the subject.

“It is a fun book,” Roger said. “It helps people to discover, ‘Hey, God wants me to participate in the answered prayers.”

For Rogers this is not his first book signing, in fact the pastor has authored five books and several booklets. Yet, he says, he’s never considered himself a writer. It began as a way to help him express his thoughts.

“This may sound strange, but I write to discover instead of discovering and then writing,” Roger said. “When I write, my thoughts become clear. As a speaker you only have so many minutes to get your point across. So, writing became a wonderful way for me to totally express a thought I want to get across.”

Roger foray into writing may have been divine intervention than actually a planned career move.

“I would write these articles and an English teacher came to me and said, ‘You should write in a series, until you have a book.’ Then she asked if she could put a book together for me.

The Lord must have known what I needed and sent me this teacher … we kind of just went from there.”

For more information about Roger’s book signing contact the Farmington Public Library at 573-756-5779.

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