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Home Again: Dream a little dream… | Commentary

Each year during graduation season, stories surface about special graduates. I heard one the other day on a radio broadcast. A 92-year old woman was to receive a business degree from a community college. When asked what prompted her to go back to school, she said, “I felt I still had something to learn.” Don’t […]

Triple H as Beta Ray Bill and 15 WWE Dream Castings for Future Marvel Films | Bleacher Report

0 of 15 Dave Bautista successfully transitioned from the WWE ring to the MCU.Jordan Strauss/Associated Press With Black Panther and Avengers: Infinity War lighting up the box office in 2018, superhero fatigue doesn’t seem to be anywhere close to setting in for the majority of the film-going public.  According to BoxOfficeMojo.com, the third installment of […]

DisneyLife: living the Disney dream 24/7 | Film

This week sees the home entertainment release of Coco (Disney, PG), Pixar’s sweet-souled, lantern-lit melange of Mexican lore with Hollywood hero’s-journey corn. It’s the animation superpower’s most purely charming film in several years: not as concept-y and clever-clever as Inside Out, not as clattering and flagrantly product-hawking as the ongoing Cars franchise. If I didn’t […]

3 books about planets – CSMonitor.com

When Edgar Rice Burroughs in 1911 first began chronicling the adventures of Confederate captain John Carter on the far-flung world of Mars, it was still just possible for people – especially untrained enthusiasts like Burroughs himself – to believe that every planet in the solar system was teeming with life – just like Earth. Not […]

Diane Keaton Kisses Jimmy Kimmel While Recreating Her Favorite ‘Book Club’ Scene

A dream came true for Jimmy Kimmel in the form of an intense kiss from Diane Keaton. The 72-year-old actress is busy promoting her new movie, Book Club, and appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Wednesday night. Keaton was quick to gush over her co-star and love interest in the film, Andy Garcia, quipping to Kimmel, “I like him better than you.” After […]