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Big Road Dreams

Where do story ideas come from? More mysteriously, from what place do the insignificant details come that together flesh out the characters in a story? The answer is wrapped up in a technique that all writers ultimately master. Life experience obviously comes first-the richer the experience the better, then something else takes charge. Something I’ll […]

New 'Faith' Comic Book Leads 'The Future of Valiant' (Exclusive Artwork) – Hollywood Reporter

THR has a four-page preview of the first series in Valiant Entertainment’s big 2016 promotional push (and details of the other six books). Valiant Entertainment’s 2016 started with the critically acclaimed Faith miniseries bringing in a whole new audience for the upstart publisher — and the character’s upcoming ongoing series leads the way for a […]

Dream Big and Accomplish More

It is easy to set up goals you know you can accomplish. Small goals are great for being able to build confidence. Then there are big goals. Big goals are the ones that stretch you, they push you forward to accomplish more than you realized you could. What do you want to accomplish? Victor Hugo […]

Dream Walking – Where Do You Go To

Dream walking and astral travelling are very similar. Astral travelling tends to be something you do alone, where dream walking is a more conscious experience where you can choose who goes with you. It is good to set your intentions when going to sleep. You can ask your Higher Self for help with a problem […]

Q&A: How one picture book author turned dream into successful publishing career – WRAL.com

By Sarah Lindenfeld Hall Linda Ashman’s life path started out in a different direction – urban planning. But, after starting a professional career, she realized her passions lie beyond those borders. In the last two decades, Ashman has published more than 30 picture pictures, including three which were just recently released and more that are […]

Dreams – Unlocking The Mystery

Is your dream monster chasing you or trying to wake you up? Why? Dream scenarios will sometimes offer cautionary messages to steer us in the right direction or provide inspiration or encouragement. When we ask our guidance for help, we can often find the answer in a dream message if we’re paying attention. Dream guidance […]

Everyone Has a Dream

Speaking about the power of creating your life, I wanted to touch on the subject of finding and following your Dream. I believe each of us was born with a Dream, a purpose we were meant to fulfill in our lifetime. This purpose not only brings deep satisfaction, but it also serves the world. When […]