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(Photo: Warner Bros)

In a new feature series on, Ora TV’s Shira Brown joins us to offer up a preview of Warner Bros. upcoming schedule of DC Comics movies.

It won’t be long before the most anticipated DC blockbuster of the year, Batman vs. Superman, graces us with its presence. But that’s not the only movie hitting theaters this year, with Warner Brothers building out a series of films slated to be released throughout the years. They have really taken it upon themselves to build out a DC universe for fans to get lost in, and it’s looking like it won’t disappoint!

First up this year is Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice, which is placing two of DC’s most iconic characters against one another. There are a number of details about this move that have comic book fans gripping with excitement. The biggest one might be Doomsday, and how exactly Zach Snyder will connect him to the Justice League. Will it take DC and Superman back to Krypton? Snyder says there is good reason for the move, but fans will just have to wait and see for themselves.

Suicide Squad is the next flick to be released (Aug 5) and bringing an anti-hero cast to the screen that could make a grown man quiver.

Next up from the DC universe in 2017 will be the Wonder Woman solo film, with Gal Gadot, which promises to bring the powerful superhero force she is known for.

And closing out an epic 2017 for DC fans will be Justice League: Part 1, out on November 17th. This looks to be quite a couple years for comic book fans, and one thing’s for sure is audiences can’t wait!

In the mean time you can check out Michael Shannon offering Larry King up some new details about his Batman vs. Superman role:



You can check out Michael Shannon’s full interview with Larry King on Ora TV.

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