Being Spiritually Alive For A Life Of Purpose With Inner Vision

Inner vision is one of the topics people who go through spiritual development like to share with others. It helps keep us spiritually alive by extending ourselves and leading a life of purpose. They have a thought system that can overlook ego-based chatter by going beyond it, and this is the truest definition of forgiveness.

By not being on the outside, but on the inside of your mind, the Holy Spirit– your inner Divine Self, has the power to look at everything you have hidden away and to alert you to the Will of God that circulates there. The Holy Spirit is you– the deepest aspect of you that sees through the Spirit of God the wholeness of all that is real.

We all have at our disposal inner vision as a process for those who are committed to traveling a spiritual development path for personal healing, abundance, and a life of purpose.

The Dream Ego

When all of humanity as a whole can use inner vision to live its true free will, the ego will have altogether faded away and the result will be total awakening.

With this and inner vision fully understood, or even partly understood due to some ego-based erection, try to remember, or at least keep in the back of your mind, the unreality of the ego.

And that that, you must remember that your dreaming ego-mind is not real.

Of course, this type of mindset makes anything real, and of truth, seem frightening.

On the other hand, the ego, out of fear, is diligently working hard to resist any and all notions of wholeness with the One-Mind of God. Because the ego can never comprehend inner vision, and it needs fantasy and knows nothing else.

Tapping your inner vision

Your real inner vision, being infinite, is of a magnitude that will never be matched, no matter how much the littleness of the ego builds its forces.

As you contemplate this article, try to see any ego chatter as background static, kind of like bratty kids in the neighborhood simply trying to get attention, but whose antics do not really bother you.

The Holy Spirit is continuously roaming around your entire mind as inner vision while you dream of separation and a life in this world. This includes even the fragmented, splintered, and split-apart areas where He watches over your fantasy thoughts of a separate will, which you have been seeing as your life. In this area of ​​your mind He sorts out the truth from the false.

Much of the depths of your mind is not dreaming.

The dreaming portion of your mind which has only appeared to split away, is extremely tiny when compared to the vastness of your whole mind and is not the real you. It is fabricated in its littleness where you dream that this world is your true home. The infinite depth of what you really are senses you are not really at Home here, and the real You has the reality to not be affected by any such tiny construction.

You may have some resistance, but that's normal; Consider it to be okay for now.

This is the process the Holy Spirit is involved with now, in a slow, comfortable pattern drawn around your state of willingness and readiness at any particular moment.

This is the whole, unseparated , knowledgeable, and truthful real you behind the dream, which has the power to instruct the dreamer to dream in a direction of your true free will. Yes, it's how you step up to living life at your full potential and on your own terms while in this world.

To a life of purpose

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