BOOK HAUL ║ Thrift Store Books ║ For My Dream Library

On this Worder-ful Wednesday, I bring you another round of.. my collective haul of my thrifted books! ♥︎ This is my obsession, that is surprisingly and THANKFULLY very affordable. And I must say, there is a vast amount of greater joy when I find myself enjoy reading the book that I thrifted vs. just bought at a normal bookstore. I don’t know why. It just makes me giggle, like I found a treasure that someone else didn’t recognize 🙂 Anywhoo- enough about me rambling about how much I love thrifting books! I hope you guys enjoy this video and continue on to enjoy the rest of the day (or night for my lovely international viewers♥︎) Thank you for watching! 😀


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19 replies
  1. Only_ JieNah
    Only_ JieNah says:

    I love your channel especially when you talk about books… I love reading so much and I'm sad that nowadays people don't read books especially the young generations. Anyways, you inspired me to read more. Thanks and I love you so much???

  2. Hollie Marie
    Hollie Marie says:

    I share your passion for reading 🙂 I had to read great expectations for English at school I didn't enjoy it that much I found it hard to get into, the gargoyle looks like an interesting book same with the absolutely true diary of a part time indian

  3. Stella Star
    Stella Star says:

    I love your vision of your dream house. I want the same thing with all the bookshelves, besides the piano. I just want a window bench with lots of pillows <3 Great haul! I don't usually find good books at my thrift stores. But I always find decent books at my local used book store :)

  4. BooksAndTea58
    BooksAndTea58 says:

    Amazing bargains! I love going to used book stores, but I live in Italy and my town has just one thrift store where the book section isn't great at all so I always try, when I visit a new place, close or further from where I live, I always look for this type of stores 🙂 Nice haul btw! And my dream library would absolutely look like yours!

  5. 2010Aveen
    2010Aveen says:

    I LOVE thrifting Disney stuff/ Toys 🙂 I do it most weeks 🙂 I think I seen 'The Duff' book in a supermarket today. I got a new book by my favourite author today- yay lol but I have to finish the other one I was reading first lol. great haul :)

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