Book Of Love – Lullaby (Pleasant Dream Mix)


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36 replies
  1. Interneco666
    Interneco666 says:

    i was barely 21 back in '88 and just moved to SF and i got to live on the Presido for a month in enlisted/nco billeting quarters since i was in the CA Natl Gaurd before finding my own place in the the SF area. I fondly remeber listening to BOL all the time there esp. at the midnight sun in the Castro… maybe i'll move back someday – this song really brings back the memories…

  2. claude michelle St.jacques
    claude michelle St.jacques says:

    Well you boys, When this finally hit it big as I thought it would i laid to rest my baby of ten years. We discovered alot together and made a fine wine together and I miss him to this this day, as I have found it really hard to move on without his memory attached to me in some way, hence finally getting hitched after 24 years after his death so I really do get it. It get's hard out there sometimes

  3. DJ FACT.50 / Vernian Process / Profondo Delle Tenebre
    DJ FACT.50 / Vernian Process / Profondo Delle Tenebre says:

    This is a pretty sweet mix of by far my favorite Book of Love song (right after Modigliani). The original is so pretty, and epic. This just gives it a better beat, w/out taking away from the original atmosphere. Oh and to the topic of SF. I've lived here for 13 years, and I love it. Best city in the states I've ever been to. If you go out to 80's/Goth/Post-Punk clubs in SF, look for DJ FACT.50, and I'll spin some BOL for you =)

  4. cyberianmanx1
    cyberianmanx1 says:

    Book of Love really triggered alot of emotional sensations…peace, calm and goosebumps. Whether sitting @ the house listening to them or going to cavernous nite clubs and hearing them paint the backdrop of socializing, they were fantastic.

  5. mister1mig
    mister1mig says:

    ted and lauren have been releasing a few things since 2006 as The Myrmidons and it's recently been announced that Book of Love will be touring a few dates along with releasing new material as well. Good news.

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