Book Review – A Drug Dealer’s Dream

Book Review – A Drug Dealer’s Dream by Tremayne “GS” Johnson

Debut author Tremayne Johnson scribes “A Drug Dealer’s Dream”, a cautionary tale about a drug dealer lost in the allure of the drug game. Titled after a Nas verse in the Mobb Deep song ‘An Eye for an Eye”, “A Drug Dealer’s Dream” examines the lifestyle of the drug dealer and the effect on his family.

The protagonist Ahmed Yung is fresh off a bid for a drug trafficking case that ended with the death of one of his friends. While Ahmed was away, his child’s mother, Christal took care of the business, educated herself in real estate and brought a house in the NY suburbs to raise their son Malique. She is waiting at the gate when he is released.

However, the moment Ahmed touches down on the homeland, he’s greeted by his right hand man, Fame. While Ahmed served his time, Fame built a sprawling drug operation, complete with a tight connect and a young goon squad, ready to take on whoever, whenever. Fame hands Ahmed a duffle bag full of cash and in an instant, Ahmed is on his way to what he dreamed: money, cars and hoes.

Christal watches. She wants Ahmed to do the right things and attempts to encourage him to dream different, invest in a business and do the things the “right way”.

Ahmed is torn between his love for the streets and the love of his family. He shuns his Christal and grinds harder. He comes across the number of an old connect and negotiates a better price to profit more than ever. When they finish the transactions, Ahmed is no longer on his way to the dream, he is the drug dealer’s dream. The drug dealers, women and the goons admire Amhed Yung. But can he bare the weight of his actions? Is he willing to lose everything else that is important to him?

“A Drug Dealer’s Dream” has an aggressive narrative plot, memorable characters and at its heart is a moral tale that questions the lifestyle that is adored the streets. Tremayne Johnson’s novel separates itself in that the protagonist does have to deal with his actions.

I recommend this book to street fiction readers and individuals that love fast paced, drama-filled, fiction.

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