Book Review – Dare to Dream

“Dare to Dream” a story of three boys, Nelson, his brother Alvin, and his friend Jesse. This is a story of courage, responsibility and self discipline.

Nelson and Alvin grew up in a single parent home. After being pressured by a young neighborhood gang leader, Nelson asked for advice from his grandfather.

Nelson’s grandfather took the three boys fishing. He used the illustration of how an acorn can become a strong oak tree. Later the grandparents took the boys on a tour of an area where drug users and drunks became homeless, living on the streets. They wasted their lives. After returning home grandmother shared stories of four well known early American heroes who dared to follow their dreams.

Benjamin Franklin left school at the age of ten to work with his father. Ben’s hunger for knowledge, his persistence in excellence, and making good choices resulted in an important success story. He was a contributor to and signer of the Declaration of Independence.

George Washington Carver overcame difficulties after being denied entrance in college because he was black. Much later he graduated from college as an adult and went to work at, the now well known, Tuskegee College. Carver became famous as a scientist.

Helen Keller, blind, and deaf worked diligently with her tutor, Annie Sullivan. She became well known as an author and for her work encouraging those with physical challenges.

Abraham Lincoln overcame poverty to become President of the United States after losing eight elections, and failing twice in business. He dared to dream big.

Alvin chose to follow the gang’s way of life. He partied with the crowd, which led to crime and eventually to jail. Jesse and Nelson chose to follow his grandparent’s advice. Nelson and Jesse followed their dreams. Nelson became a physician and Jesse became an architectural engineer.

Award winning author, Carl Sommer, is an educator and successful businessman. Sommer has a passion for teaching important, practical learning skills to children. He emphasizes character building values, virtues, and principles for success in his writing.

Jorge Martinez, Greg Budwine, and Kennon James communicate warmth and tenderness, emotions, expressions, and ethnic diversity through their bright colorful illustration which reinforce and enhance the story line.

“Dare to Dream” will soon join the list of Carl Sommer’s award winning titles. It is his hope that young readers will accept the challenge courage, responsibility, and self-discipline. He challenges the reader to follow their dreams.

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