Book Review | Fever Dream | #MBI2017

My first book review of the Man Booker International 2017 Longlist – Fever Dream by Samanta Schweblin. My thoughts were mixed and confused, but this is definitely one to check out!

Longlist Intro + 5 book haul:

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16 replies
  1. Charles Heathcote
    Charles Heathcote says:

    I read this book last month and still don't know what I read. I felt as though it had all the elements of a great magical realism/experimental story but it didn't quite reach the levels I wanted it to in order for it to be understandable.

    I'm glad that you were able to find more from the book than me. In watching your review I've been able to reconsider and think about elements I hadn't previously considered. Perhaps, I'll re-read one day and gain a better understanding.

  2. literarydiversions
    literarydiversions says:

    I am catching up on your vids so look out for comment spam! <3

    I think this was an awesome review – it left me with an ominous feeling which it sounds like the book has. Shivery! I don't know if it's my sort of thing but I shall maybe see if I can borrow instead of reading this one…

    #Scottishwind xx

  3. ABlueSorceress
    ABlueSorceress says:

    I have not read that book and will try to get a hold of It yet I think another Argentinan contemporary female author you will enjoy more and based on your taste I think you will like Mariana Enríquez "Things we lost in the fire" It is social horror some are straight forward realistic others more surealistic but they all have an undelying sense of doom and it definetely explores fears of contemporary Argentina and Latin America.The book is available in english and will leave a fragment from the blurb that appears in its goodread page and a link so you can check it out.Hope it piques your interest.

    "Macabre, disturbing and exhilarating, Things We Lost in the Fire is a collection of twelve short stories that use fear and horror to explore multiple dimensions of life in contemporary Argentina. From women who set themselves on fire in protest of domestic violence to angst-ridden teenage girls, friends until death do they part, to street kids and social workers"

  4. Cover To Cover
    Cover To Cover says:

    I think you did a great job with your explanations and discussion of this book. When I saw your video on the books on the Longlist, it made me really intrigued to read three or four on the longlist. I'm definitely going to try to get this one because it sounds very interesting and different. Great video.

  5. wordcrown
    wordcrown says:

    Is this book scary? I heard about it on the All the Books podcast and it peaked my interest, and hearing you talk about it now I'm so super intrigued because I can't really resist an unreliable narrator, but on the podcast they said it was creepy, and I don't always do so well with creepy :/

  6. Golden Books
    Golden Books says:

    Sounds extremely interesting … I really don't like vague endings, but I think if I was in the mood it might suit me just fine. It sounds a bit like how I reacted to Hot Milk in terms of the creepiness and the not knowing.

  7. vatnsmelona -
    vatnsmelona - says:

    This was my first MBI read too!! So weird eh? All I can remember is gold. shimmering. You're so right about the David Lynchesque feels of it. You did a great review!!!! Looking forward to the rest of your MBI thoughts 🙂

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