Book Review of "From Failure to Promise: An Uncommon Path to Professoriate"

We've all wished for the day when our dreams came true. That dream is different for each person. For Cleamon Moorer, it was to become an engineer. Today, he enjoys the fulfillment of teaching as a professor, having had the experience of working in some wonderful positions and obtaining the education that helped make that dream come true. It took hard work, dedication, encouragement and God's guiding hand to put him on the path to where he is today.

Cleamon was raised in a Christian home where hard working parents instilled a strong work ethic, the importance of education and faith in God. His father always taught him to do his very best and not to give up, but to get back up and try again.

Like many young students, the challenge of making the grade could be discouraging. Cleamon looked forward to entering college. Studying and learning is easier for some than others. College is a new world compared to high school, especially if a young person is attending a school that has higher expectations.

Cleamon was accepted into GMI Engineering and Management Institute where the course was rigorous and students worked in the corporate world as part of the program. Even for a bright and talented 18 year old, this can be a stressful pressure that not everyone is able to complete successfully.

One semester, Cleamon failed four classes and received a "D" in the other two. His admission was academically dismissed. He left for one year to attend community college. When he returned to GMI, he was placed on academic probation until he got his grades up and was able to achieve the level required to complete the program.

Along the way to finding the dream job, life brought its obstacles like it does to everyone. These were things such as vision difficulties, a car accident, dealing with coworkers or supervisors who did not have his best interests at heart, finding a spouse, starting a family and taking care of parents when their day of need came. His father, who had been a guiding source, passed away.

During those times, Cleamon learned that God was real, not just a story learned at church during childhood. He learned to listen to the voices of the wise around him who imparted the importance of including God in his plans. He learned to pray intently and claim promises from scripture.

He got his doctorate degree, started his own consulting practice drawn from his experience working in the corporate world and began teaching at colleges. Each teaching position was also a learning experience.

Cleamon believes that God still has further plans for him. He desires to attend seminary and bring his experiences with him. He plans on working with corporations around the world to stop genocide. He wants to work with others to make this world a better place for tomorrow's children.

His message to others is that dreams can come true if you never give up.

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