Book Review | Once Upon A Dream – Liz Braswell

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  1. Andrea Lewis
    Andrea Lewis says:

    I really wanna read this!!!

    Have you heard of the book Sleeping Beauty Vampire Slayer?!?! It was also a sleeping beauty retelling where the curse was that she was to be awake at night and the rest of the kingdom alseep at night forcing her to deal with vampires on her own, and her parents couldn't agree on how to raise her in protection for these things. Her mother wanted her to be trained as a slayer but her father was trying to shelter her and burn every rose and spindle, unfortunetly roses later become a useful means of protection. Also, unfortunately the ending was a bit predictable but the middle was SO interesting, it's one of those books that you get to make decissions in parts of it and you will thank her for that once you get to a part that you really care about like choosing her future mate. I could read this story again but in a different way. I wish more people new about this book!

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