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19 replies
  1. TheShadowedkiss
    TheShadowedkiss says:

    I found out that Ronan was gay through a hinted spoiler through a Ronan x Adam edit. If I hadn't seen it, I don't think I would have gotten the hint either lol. I don't think you need to feel ad about it gay guys are portrayed in a pretty specific way in popular media. For one thing, not only is there a lack of gay characters, the majority of that population represented is through side characters. Ronan is one of the main characters. Not only that but also gay guys are shown to be in the books I've seen thus far, stereotypical in that they're flamboyant and theatrical. Ronan's character doesn't have these traits so he doesn't strike many as gay. Props to Maggie for creating Ronan.

    It's hard to pick out a favourite character because I love all of them so much. But if I really had to narrow it down it would be either: Blue, Gansey or Noah. Maybe Blue is my top favourite but just marginally. Favourite scene would have to be: Blue & Gansey's moment under the stars, Noah & Blue's kiss. I find myself also loving the little moments between Gansey and Blue such as when Gansey ate the remaining fruit in Blue's yogurt cup and when she decided to call him when she was feeling down.

  2. Mathilde Cloutier
    Mathilde Cloutier says:

    I loved your review! Omg Ronan being took me off guard too!!! When he said something about Blue's outfit and lamps, I was just like "…wait. oh my WHAT?" BUT IT MADE TOTAL SENSE AND JUST PLEASE I WANT TO SEE RONAN AND ADAM TOGETHER

  3. Carla Mecatti
    Carla Mecatti says:

    I kinda guessed about Ronan… because there was a part of the book when he was thinking about Blue's outfit and he was saying that it looked like a lampshade, one that Gansy would love to have and then he said he didn't like lamps. And I was like… wait a minute does that means? No… I'm just overthinking it!!!!

  4. Madalina Miron
    Madalina Miron says:

    My fave is also Ronan, aka the precious sinnamon roll (see what I did there). I really enjoyed the scenes with Ronan and Kavinsky, especially when Kavinsky was teaching him how to take things from his dreams. I shipped it, in a 'you'll both kill each other' kind of way. You know, like a pairing that has great chemistry, but you just know they're bad for each other and they'll tear themselves to shreds. Aaah, angst~

  5. sōˈlivəgənt
    sōˈlivəgənt says:

    OMG. I'm so glad you took your time to upload this fantastic review & let me just say that I seriously loved everything about it?
    I definitely related to you on… basically everything here! I've always been a huge crusher on Ronan, too, so I definitely get why you love him so much. I've just finished reading this book as well & OMG I can't believe our views of it are so equal? Like, I've seen this other review of the book which saddened me a little because the opinion was not that close to my opinion, which saddened me a bit, truly, because I like to know that other people also like what I like sorry for the rambling but sure everyone has their own opinion, that's definite.

    I felt exactly the same way for Adam in this book. I felt like slapping him a lot because of his reactions towards Blue & Gansey but at the same time I just wanted to comfort him? I mean, I know it's weird! I have a seriously strange connection with Adam Parrish, but it's true that I love him nevertheless.

    GOD. I'm so happy you liked Kavinsky. I'm so goddamn happy about it. I was feeling precisely the same feels with his chara along the book and I couldn't help but find him very interesting, despite all the terrible things he did.

    The Bluesey and Sargerny's scenes were the most adorking thing in the world~ You're so damn right about that, too!

    Extremely fantastic review. Thank you so muc for this! xx

  6. WoolfsWhistle
    WoolfsWhistle says:

    I feel like at that point Noah is the most mysterious of them all. I'm trying to pull out some theories how his fate might resolve – will he disappear or not? if he won't then what's his purpose? And that scene between Noah and Blue just made my heart ache, not only for Blue, but for Noah. It made me really realize, that he won't have as much or any life. And it's just so freaking sad.

    I'm aboard Maura x Grey Man ship!
    Also Ronan x Adam, but oh man that ship hurts.

  7. Bumblee Bree
    Bumblee Bree says:

    I kind of guessed THE RONAN THING – no spoilers but I guessed it at like the first third of the book and HOT DAMN I LOVE THAT ASPECT
    Do you have any guesses why the third one is called BLUE LILY LILY BLUE?!
    So excited for the third one!!!!!! GREAT review!

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