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Life is But a Dream Book Trailer

Roger Owen, an African American family man in the year 2011, awakens the morning after his fortieth birthday to discover himself inhabiting the body of Sydney Hamilton, a Caucasian sixty-six year old Welsh Harvard Professor of History, whom he remembers nothing of, in what is now the year 2125. Roger’s entire life up to that fateful evening in October 2011 is soon revealed as being only a memory of a past life. His odyssey of this strange new existence in the twenty-second century takes him from an insane asylum, to the care of an attractive, beguiling, empathetic psychologist named Dr. Jessica Wynn, to the acceptance of both lost lives and the pursuit of finding his ancestors from his past life. Through it all he must also deal with unraveling the mystery of a secret he unknowingly holds as Professor Hamilton regarding the truth of a catastrophic world event that occurred in 2115 that now threatens his life by a man who seeks to kill him.

Life Is But A Dream is a science fiction epic with an unfamiliar reverse twist on reincarnation that intertwines romance, suspense and mystery that entertains and captivates from the beginning to its dramatic spellbinding conclusion.

You can buy the book here http://www.amazon.com/David-Earle/e/B009TVX9OU

Contact me at [email protected] if you would like me to create a trailer for your book.

do a dream book

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