Children’s author visits local students to encourage them to dream

TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) – A children’s author visited a local school to talk his career, books and to encourage the students to follow their imaginations.

Michael Buckley paid a visit to Jay Shideler Elementary to talk about the joy of reading, as well tips on how children can become authors. Buckley is known for his book series ‘The Series Grimm.’

He says there are so many scientific reasons to read. It makes you happier, smarter and you make more money.

“There’s so many reasons to be a reader that are purely selfish,” he said. “But I think the best one is just that reading takes you places that the world can’t and sometimes you need a little escape.”

Buckley has held other careers. He was a comedian, in a punk rock band and he wrote for T.V., but says being a children’s author is the best one.

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