Day Dreaming Your Way To Prosperity!

Can you day dream your way to prosperity? It’s an interesting thought and it sounds so easy. One of my mentors Randy Gage talks about prosperity – what is it and what is it not? Some people may think that prosperity is all about money. I have come to realise that this is not the case.

There are probably a lot of rich people in the world who are very unhappy; they may have a life full of riches and material things but they may not be happy. Prosperity is all about abundance; it could be an abundance of friends or spiritual wellbeing.

However, if you’re on the bread line and can’t afford to eat, then of course you’re not going to be prosperous, even if you have lots of friends and are in touch with your spirituality. It is of course about money too but it’s important to have a balance.

So how can day dreaming help?

This is really fun as you need to be able to dream big. Think of all the things that you would like out of life. Don’t worry about how you’re going to get them or achieve them at the moment. There are different ways to document your dreams and goals and you need to choose the one that is right for you.

Napoleon Hill in his book “Think and Grow Rich” advises you to write a statement of what you want to achieve by when, and what you’re going to give in return. He states that desire is the starting point of all achievement. Once you have written this statement you need to read it out loud twice a day with emotion. Once in the morning and once before you go to bed. By doing this you are applying the principle of auto suggestion for the purpose of giving orders to your subconscious mind.

Another way, as suggested by Randy Gage is to writing a script of your perfect day. Write it as if you’re writing a movie script. Just imagine yourself waking up in the morning – where are you, what does your house look like, who are you with. Do you go for a walk on the beach? Do you reach your

sales target for the year? Write this in great detail then keep the script with you so when you have a spare moment you can read it and remind yourself. You can also create a dream board. This is really a fun thing to do. You can create a dream board or a dream book or a dream wheel, whichever works for you. Sit down and gather lots of magazines around you. Look for images of things that you would really like. Would you like a silver Jaguar, or a red Mercedes? What sort of house do you want to live in? Would you like a swimming pool or a hot tub?

Just dream big and cut out all the pictures, stick the pictures on your dream board. Now put this somewhere prominent where you look at it every day. I have it on my office wall, so I look at when I’m at my PC. I’ve heard a lot of examples where people have moved house and put their dream board away. They’ve unpacked it several years later and they realise that they are living in the house that was on their dream board!

If you look at the pictures every day your dreams will manifest into reality. To make your dreams come true you must first be able to visualise them. The ideas above give a few ways for you to easily do that.

One important thing is that you have to believe. If you’re looking at your dream board and thinking negative thoughts – such as “How on earth am I going to ever be able to afford that car, it’s never going to happen to me” then it probably won’t happen. You need to think positive thoughts about achieving your dreams. Don’t worry about ‘the how’ just believe and it will happen. For example, I don’t really known how exactly electricity works when I switch on a light, but I know that it works and that’s all that matters. Prosperity is something that can be achieved by all of us and dreaming will certainly help you to get there.

As I work from home I enjoy learning about all these topics as personal development is a key to success. I recently saw a quote from Michael Flynne “If you can dream it you can do it”. I’m certainly willing to give it a try, if it can help me on my journey to wealth. It’ll also be lots of fun on the way!

by Julie Hanson, (c) 2007

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