I show you how I create my diy dream book, it is kind of like a dream board that is easily portable and you can travel with and carry around with you. I believe that everyone has dreams and goals and the best way for our dreams and goals to come into fruition is to have a plan of action, so we write them down so we really know what we want and how we plan to get them. I hope this video encourages you to create your own dream book! If you do would love to see them feel free to tag me on instagram or twitter! I am sending you all my love and all my positive energy your way! MUAH!

Love Channon Rose

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  1. Brittany McGarrah
    Brittany McGarrah says:

    Recently I found an idea sort of like this, it's called a hope box and you put all sorts of items like cups and towels and special stuff you'll need in the future for when you move out of your parents house. I thought it was super cool

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