Dream Comes True For Austin Author

Nawras Zaki is 11 years old, a fifth grader at Holton Intermediate school in Austin.

“I was in my room and I was kind of pretty bored, so I decided to write a story of something magical and colorful,” she told us.

“So I decided to write something about a magic garden then I started developing all different character names and plots and different parts of the story.”

“You could see the juices just going,” said Deborah Cook, who was one of Nawras’ elementary school teachers. “Pen to paper and off she’d go.”

“A few days later I decided I wanted to publish it for other people to see, too,” Nawras told us.

Now, “The Magic Garden” has been picked up by a publisher.

“We are so very proud of Nawras about her book and I hope she is going to keep up this writing and be a big writer one day,” said her father, Amar Zaki

“She is first of all very creative, secondly she has the passion, and thirdly her writing skills are very strong, so you put all of those three things together and there she is,” said her former teacher, Deborah Cook.

On Tuesday, Nawras Zaki read her book and signed copies of “The Magic Garden” for her classmates. And she also gave them a word of encouragement:

“Just put your mind to it, then you can accomplish anything.”

If you want to know how the story ends, Nawras’ book is available on Amazon.

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