Dream Destination – Make Your International Trip Possible Without Expanding the Budget

Shooting at an international destination has been the new trend in our Bollywood movies. This has driven a lot of people today who are not happy with getaway trips to Goa, Kerala or Mumbai. Going abroad for a holiday is a cool thing now. But planning an international trip and that too for an entire family might break your bank considerably.

Needless to say, if you are planning an abroad trip, surely you will have a few popular destinations in mind. However, there are a few budget-friendly trips that can take your vacation at considerably lesser cost. Here is a list of some affordable alternatives for seeking an international holiday package with the help of which you can plan two vacations instead of going for one family trip a year.

1. Airfares

While heading for an international location, airline ticket is very important. This is one thing which cannot be avoided and costs heavy on your pocket. It is always better to book these tickets in advance and visit discount websites to check if there is any good deal available upon them. Getting round trip tickets is one of the best ways to save money as one way tickets are always quite expensive.

2. Food

Your international holiday package can come within your budget, if you avoid availing food from the hotel. It is often seen that the food provided by the hotel is expensive and tastes not so great. You must find a local cafe near your hotel and stumble onto the local favourite.

Another option to save your money is to eat more at lunch than dinners. Of course, having a lunch in a restaurant is quite cheaper than the dinner. Besides, taking light dinner is very good for your health as well.

3. Transportation

While on an international vacation tour, you must avoid using taxis and instead use public transportation, as it is very cheap to travel. Maximum countries of the world boast of good transportation connectivity in the form of Rails, Metros and Subways. Before taking any of the options, you must research for multi-trip discounts. In many countries, metros and rail services offer special passes like 3-day unlimited travel passes that are worth the cost.

4. Accommodation

Often smaller towns based close to the place where you are going encompass several hotels that are less expensive. You can save a good amount by taking such hotels in our international package if you don’t mind the additional 15 minute ride. You must also opt for two-bedroom suites instead of having two rooms. Apart from being a cheap alternative, it will give you much privacy too.

Another way to save a hole in your pocket is by staying in vacation homes if you are spending at least few days at a particular destination. They are much more comfortable and will lessen your cost to a great extent.

5. Alternatives

Other than following these above mentioned factors, you can go for some alternatives as well. You can save a lot of your money if you book an international package that includes both hotels and flights. Visiting a place in off-season is another way to reduce your trip cost. Further, there are few travel sites that fix the rates based on the day and time of the week you place your booking. For getting a better deal, you can try certain different combinations.

Travelling overseas is a dream of almost everyone. However, there are several places close to your native country that are interesting as well. Travelling to lesser crowded places is always a good option in more ways than one.

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