Marzia is an adorable super nice human, but unfortunately I did not enjoy her book.

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I was sent this book for free from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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20 replies
  1. Kathrin Erika
    Kathrin Erika says:

    I think Marzia said in a video that she originally wrote this book in English and had some help with the vocabulary. So that might explain the bad writing. I'm not sure though because who would write a book in a language that they're barely fluent in.. Anyway, I wanted to buy the book as well, I almost pre-ordered it. But then she released the first chapter or so on her blog before the book came out and I didn't like it at all. So, after watching your review I'm pretty happy that I didn't buy it and I agree with you (judging from the pages I read only).. So thanks. 😀 It's so unfortunate though because she really is nice and an entertaining Youtuber. I guess she should've just stuck to what she knows.. Sorry btw if my English is weird, I'm German haha

  2. Francina Simone
    Francina Simone says:

    LOL YES the parents who were too lazy to go to blockbuster! So half way through I'm wondering when she finds out she's had an alien implanted in her…

    "there are words in it…that I don't think are real…" LOL

    It probably got totally screwed in translation. You have to be natively fluent in both languages AND a damn good writer to translate in my opinion because you have to know the language like a native and know how to recapture an image in a beautiful way.

    OMG you and I are so alike when we enter the "talking to the character phase" I sound just like that "No, girl stop…you need to focus on your problems right now, not a man—what chu thinking girl?!"

    I'm dying over here. I've found my book tube soulmate.

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