Dream Interpretation As a Science – Your Protection Against Infidelity and Betrayal

I have just received a series of dreams from a husband whose wife is obviously not loyal to him.

First he sent me one dream, and after my first translation he sent me another three, that he had seen previously.

The first dream was complex, the second very simple, the third full of symbols, and the last one, so clear that anyone could interpret it without even knowing anything about the scientific method of dream interpretation.

This happens because the dreams about the person you love are very clear. The unconscious mind tries to urgently save your mental health when you see dreams showing you certain truths you dislike about the person you love.

This man saw so many dreams about his wife’s infidelity because if he learned suddenly that his wife had had an affair, he would lose his mental health.

When he sent me his first dream he told me that he was happily married…

Men delay to perceive their wife’s or girlfriend’s infidelity and to accept that this is really happening to them, while women are used to doubting that their husband is really loyal to them – this is why they more easily accept their husband’s or boyfriend’s infidelity.

Two weeks ago I received a long dream from a young man who was very suspicious and afraid to give me information about himself and his life.

I told him that our conversation was confidential and that I would not publish everything he would tell me in my e-book, only what would be necessary to help my readers understand the connection existent between his life and his dreams, since he agreed to let me publish his dreams and a few details of his biography in my new e-book about dream interpretation.

His long dream was in fact a collection of small dreams about the same subject: his girlfriend.

He was also a victim of infidelity, but he could not believe it.

I translated for him all his small dreams, telling him that he had to forget his girlfriend and look for a woman who would really love him, but he didn’t want to understand what I told him.

After a few days he sent me another very long dream. This time there was a continuation in the story and the entire dream was connected, besides changing very much in many points.

This long dream was better explaining to him that his girlfriend was not loyal to him and why.

This dream was also showing him clearly that he didn’t want to believe that his girlfriend was cheating on him, no matter how much evidence he had, which confirmed his suspicions many times.

He was hoping to receive a better interpretation for his next dream.

He didn’t want to believe that the first collection of dreams he saw were showing him the truth, and he despised my first very clear translation. Of course, I was delicate with him, seeing that he didn’t want to believe in the truth.

For me it was more than obvious that his girlfriend was cheating on him from the first small dream I had read, but he didn’t want to see that. He even told me when he sent me the second big dream that he trusts his girlfriend and he “was sure” that she didn’t cheat on him.

In other words, he didn’t want to believe in the unconscious’ wisdom!

Of course, he had no idea about how serious and real the information you have in your dreams about the person you love is.

The unconscious mind who produces your dreams is your doctor and your protector. Its mission is very arduous and serious, because you can easily lose your mental health when you are a victim of betrayal.

Even though this is something so common in our world, to be betrayed by the person you love is one of the worst things that can happen to you!

This is an experience more than unbearable, especially when you learn that not only the person you love betrayed you, but also someone else, who you considered a loyal friend…

This is too bitter! If you pass through such an experience, your nerves are ready to break. You can easily lose control and do something terrible against your spouse and their lover in order to have revenge, or even commit suicide.

The wise unconscious mind shows you the truth gradually in your dreams, helping you to accept it and be prepared to face the worst.

If you are intelligent, you won’t wait to see if the person you love really loves you and care about the scientific method of dream interpretation only when you become a victim of infidelity, like the men in our examples.

Be prudent and learn everything about the person you love in your own dreams beforehand!

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