Dream Your Dream

How’s your life going? Are you living it fully or you just getting by? Do you LOVE your life or do you feel like you’re just getting through day by day? We often hear about people making their dreams come true. There’s all sorts of advice out there telling you what your dreams should be and then giving you advice on how to obtain your dreams. Whether it’s losing weight or getting rich, chances are there are plenty of infomercials on every day trying to sell you “your dream”.

Don’t be fooled. Your dreams are yours and yours alone. No one else knows what they are. In fact, I’d be willing to say many of you don’t even know what your dreams are. You probably have some idea, but have you ever stopped to actually detail your dreams?

I can’t give you all the details on how to make your dreams come true, but I can definitely get you started. To live it, you have to define it. Even if you feel you’re living the life you’ve always wanted, it’s good to often take stock and re-define. A funny thing happens once we become perfectly clear about what we want – things begin to change. At first, it could be some very minor decisions you make because you have these goals in mind, but every step counts. Consciously knowing where you want to be in life will set you on the path to receiving all you want.

Define your dreams by being very specific about exactly what you want your life to look like. Take out a notebook and put down phrases, draw pictures, make notes. Anything goes here. Where are you living? Who are you with? What are you doing? Most importantly, how do you feel? Be creative, be specific, and certainly be true to yourself. Do this often and watch your life transform.

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