Dreams become reality!

Dreams come true; impossible ones too! And at times things we wouldn’t even dream of dreaming become a reality!

Everyone dreams. We dream at night when we sleep, and through the waking hours too. Daydreaming tends to take us away from the task in hand, but it also helps make us more creative by sometimes suggesting unusual solutions to real issues, arrived at as the brain meanders around. Our daydreaming moments are sometimes the best and most creative part of our day.

Wishes and daydreams often arise from problems we face as the mind tries to imagine smart solutions. We do it all the time. Sitting lazily in a lounge chair, we dream of ways to make the water bottle come to us rather than making the effort of getting it. Years ago when we tripped over the long wire of corded phones, we dreamt of phones that didn’t need a wire. When our friends’ parents brought them toys from abroad, we wished the same things were available in India too.  And today though we still need to get up to get that bottle, we have gone far beyond cordless to mobile phones, and everything we need is available in India, and we are watching the same movies and TV shows at the same time as rest of the world! Who knows one day that bottle might walk towards us too?

Some time ago I would be sitting on my terrace looking at the green expanse and try to switch the scenery with the strength of my imagination to a beach or the mountainside. Today, I believe, Google glasses can help you do that. Of course it’s only as good as  virtual reality gets — no sounds, smells or feel — but it’s a beginning!

Extremes of weather make me imagine being enveloped in an individualized, invisible bubble, within which the weather never changes and pollution cannot intrude. Whether you are in Alaska or Egypt, you could dress the same, as you would carry your own weather with you…

Caught endlessly and soul-shatteringly in Delhi traffic, I dream of being able to take off without wheels and reach my destination in the blink of an eye. How wonderful to be able to save so much time, energy, fuel and pain by travelling on the strength of just a wish and a command! Disintegrating here and appearing elsewhere instantly!

When I see the guy next to me in the cramped airplane space trying to read my screen or book, I dream of owning a laptop that only I can see. I know I would look foolish typing into space on an invisible keypad, but if we got used to people foolishly laughing and gesticulating as they seemingly talk into space using Bluetooth, we can get used to this too….

And then when I step onto the road and have to guard against Road Romeos who deliberately scrape past, I dream of women’s bodies being able to emit high powered electric shocks selectively to these retards, so that they stay far away! When tired, I dream of a bed I could lie down on that would automatically massage all the aching spots… When worrying about weight, I dream of a pill that will melt it all away!

I used to dream of a computerized kitchen maid who managed everything from stocking the pantry to working out the menu, cooking, laying the table and food on it. Now I believe that is a reality!

Who says dreams don’t come true? Dreaming is not the sole realm of laypeople, of poets and artistes. Scientists and inventors too daydream. If they didn’t, how would our dreams come true? And what about the things that we never actually even dreamt of…? Did you ever dream of the computer and internet before you actually saw it? Well, someone somewhere obviously did. Because without a dream and a wish, nothing is possible…

Can we this Christmas, wish for food, education and employment for all? Would that come true as well…?

DISCLAIMER : Views expressed above are the author’s own.

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