Ebooks! A New Author’s Dream Come True!

Consider this, where else can you get into a business for nothing, and have a chance to make millions? If you have the talent, Amazon, Sony, Apple, and Barnes & Nobel, all have need of your services. Each of these companies (and many more) have released new e-book readers and they need all the books they can get to help sell them.

What does it take to get into this market? Brace yourself…nothing! Oh, you can spend a few dollars if you want to own your own ISBN numbers or have a fancy cover page designed. But it’s not mandatory. ISBNs or something similar will be provided by the company. If you can design your own cover page and do your own inside layout, you can get your book distributed world wide for ZERO! ZiP! Nada!

An e-book is nothing more than a computer file. There’s no physical book at all. So there’s very little cost in producing and delivering them. The Kindle (Amazon’s reader) delivers their e-books over the Internet, wirelessly.

I remember writing my first book back in 1998. It was a paperback. Writing it was the easy part. Next, I had to have it printed. In order to get a break on the printing charges I had to order 1,000 copies minimum. That cost me just over $3,500 with shipping and I had 1,000 books setting in my bedroom taking up space.

I sold them all over a period of about 18 months from my website. Each time someone would order a book, I had them send me a check. It was too expensive to take credit cards at the time. Then I’d have to deposit the check in the bank, box up the book, take it to the post office, buy postage, and ship it off. For a few books, this wasn’t a problem, but by the 500th, it wasn’t any fun any more. I was happy to have sold 1,000 books, but I was also thinking, there must be a better way.

Today, POD (Print on Demand) does away with the printing and storing hassle, (I’ll save POD for another article) but the development of e-books goes it one better. I no longer have to do any of those things. I write my book, upload it to Amazon’s DTP platform, and sit back and receive my royalty deposit every month like clockwork. No shipping or handling, no fulfillment of any kind. Credit cards are accepted, and the books are delivered to my readers immediately.

Getting a book into electronic format is really pretty easy. But there are some tips and tricks that will save you a lot of time if you know them before hand. There are over 300 books on Amazon that will show you how it’s done. To find the best ones, do this. Bring up Amazon’s website. In the book search engine type this, “how to publish kindle.” The books returned on the first page of the search are what you’re looking for.

One of the nicest things about e-books is that they are inexpensive. Because there’s no delivery or production cost, they are usually priced at under $10. Many are under $5. You’ll find great publishing guides in the two to three dollar range. Of course, if you don’t have a Kindle, you’ll have to buy the paperback. But again, five six dollars is all you’ll need to spend. Not much when you consider that this could be all you’ll have to spend to start your career as an author.

Last year less than two million e-book readers were sold. The industry predicts that 8 million will be sold this year and this trend is expected to continue. When the readers get down to $100 or less, the e-book market will explode. Now is the time to get in on the ground floor. This really is a new author’s dream come true!

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