Finding Out What Dreams Mean

Every man and woman in this world even a dog has a dreams. Dreams has 2 parts, One is when you fall a sleep and the other is something that in your mind that you want badly to achieve. Let’s talk about the first one, dreams when you sleep is sometimes wonderful and the other is nightmares. I love the wonderful ones but how about the nightmares? I believe that nightmares only occur when we feel guilty with someone or have a bad experience lately or something else. What about the happy one? Of course when we feel falling in love in someone or when your debt is clean and so on.

My opinion dreams when you fall a sleep is a representative of what we doing in all days or prediction what happen in the next days. Sometimes we don’t have a dream when you are too tired body and your mind. You know something that I hate when beautiful dreams comes to my bed, in the next morning I am too busy with my work so I forgot my beautiful dreams. I’ve try to remember it but I still forgot about it. Here are the tips if you want to always remember your beautiful dreams:

  1. Prepared a pen and book dreams right a side to your bed
  2. Make a promise to yourself before fall a sleep that you only remember a beautiful dreams a write a down to your book immediately without postponed anything
  3. Once you wake up and feel a beautiful dream, quick grab your pen and book write it down date and description your dreams
  4. Take your time when you write it down your dreams, cause you don’t want lose a thing right

Of course if you diligent often write your beautiful dreams to your books, it will help mostly your entire life problems. Just read that book, make a copy to a computer and don’t lose it.

If you want a “finding out what dreams mean” second part is “something that in your mind that you want badly to achieve” click here

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