Fire Emblem Heroes – Book II Chapter 3 Guided by a Dream vs Psycho Emblem Let’s Play

It’s a Let’s play of the latest story chapter, but really just me talking about random things. Though I do hope that Gunnthra will be a free hero or something and we learn more (and perhaps get) Alolan Selena Laevatein

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22 replies
  1. Brasmak
    Brasmak says:

    Tharja: Do you like darkness.
    Lu bu: We certainly do.
    Me: This is not a konosuba reverence, isn't it?

    Right now I am trying to make my Nino +10 with the f2p resources I have. I will likely let you notice in the strategist discord when i am done, regardless if you like that. (this might still take a while… she is now +6)

  2. Malintent Covet
    Malintent Covet says:

    How Micaiah is in battle with Horse Emblem:
    Baits and brutally kills Small Hands.
    Then proceeds to r8pe THE ENEMY
    Runs away from Cecilia, then runs into Camus and dies.
    How Micaiah is in battle with Armor Emblem:
    Bombs away Christmas thot.
    Gets poked by DC Effie and almost lives.
    Runs away from Hector and Jakob to let them die at Sophia's hands.

  3. Aninymouse
    Aninymouse says:

    I don't know if I'd watch just anything that you put out, per se. But I am here basically because I like hearing you talk AND because you're good at Heroes. Plus, hey, you have good taste. Can't say the same about everyone who records Heroes videos…

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