Hairdresser from Swadlincote is one step closer to dream of having her book published

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A hairdresser from Swadlincote is hoping to turn her dream into reality as she enters the final stages of publishing her book. Joanne Hull, 31, has spent the last five years writing a fictional novel based on personal experience and now has hopes of finding a publisher to finalise her dream.

The book is based around the main character, Layla Pierce, and the series of events that unfold around her during the ups and downs of her life. Layla, who is a creative director for a hair and fashion magazine, moves to America from Cornwall after she is given an opportunity to work in NYC for a magazine that is not doing so well, in the hopes she can improve it.

In the process, she meets two men just 12 months after splitting with her boyfriend when their relationship breaks down. Blake Collins, one of the men she meets, takes a liking to Layla, but, she isn’t in the right state of mind but goes for it anyway.

In the meantime, she encounters a man named Richard, and during their first meeting they have an alcohol-fueled encounter. Richard is an ex-pro American footballer and as Layla turns to Google to find out more about her mystery man, she discovers he is a widower after losing his wife.

Joanne, who is a hairdresser at Altro Mondo, has a dream of becoming an author

The book tackles the subject of depression as Layla is unsure of the feelings she is going through. The story comes to head when her ex shows up in New York while she has her other two men on the scene.

Joanne, who has been a hairdresser for 15 years and currently works at Altro Mondo, on Station Street, says it took years for her to build the confidence to get the book to its current stage.

She said: “I deleted it time and time again because I thought I didn’t know what I was doing or that I was no good. I thought, ‘I’m a hairdresser – not a writer’, But I carried on and eventually showed it to family and friends and even men who aren’t really my target audience, but they said they loved it and couldn’t put it down.”

Joanne says the story stems from real-life experiences and wanted to discuss the topic of mental health to remove the taboo surrounding the subject.

Joanne is looking for a publisher

She said: “I just say all the things that go on in my head that I’ve been too scared to put on paper. I wanted it to be right, it’s evolved how I’ve evolved in my own life.

“It’s a fictional book based on things I’ve been through in life, so it’s a romantic comedy, a good mix of everything like drama, sad bits and funny parts, it’s light-hearted with real emotions. I’ve bared all my soul in the story.”

The book doesn’t have a title yet but “Fleek”, the name of the magazine Layla works at in New York, looks like it could make the cut.

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