Home Based Business – Visualisation Using a Dream Book

Have you ever considered using a Dream Book or a Visualization Board in your home based business? When I first heard about a dream book, I just thought it was a load of hogwash! I didn’t believe that photos and pictures of things I wanted could in any way help me to get them! I would just nod along when anyone told us to go and make a dream book, and then just not bother.

Then whilst I was attending a meeting about my home based business, a lady stood up and began to talk to us about her dream book. This woman was on fire with a passion for her home business! While she showed us what she intended to do with the money she would make, her eyes were glowing, I swear! I knew instantly that she would succeed! You could just tell from the passion she had when she talked about her dreams. It was obvious that she would climb mountains to achieve her dreams. And I guess everyone in the room took some tiny seed of a dream away from that lady and her dream book!

A short while later it was my birthday and I asked one of my daughters to buy me a beautiful deep pink book that I had seen that even tied with a ribbon. I didn’t go out looking for a book; I hadn’t even realised that I intended to start a dream book, but while I was browsing around a shop I saw it and thought straight away – my dream book! Amazing how the seed of an idea can be planted in your head, and start to grow sometime later!

Shortly afterwards, I began planning my book. My WHY was to be able to afford to let my husband leave his job! And that’s where I began, with photos of him and pictures of what he might be doing instead. But as I thought more about it, I realised that I already had a good idea of what I wanted to see in my dream book. Letting my mind wander around anything that made me happy, it was easy to start filling up my dream book!

This book is ongoing; it changes monthly. Now some of my dreams have started to appear in my life and I find I have more goals to add to my book. New hobbies I have discovered, that I want to spend time doing. And I am remembering long forgotten dreams or wishes I had and perhaps gave up on earlier in my life. Now I am bringing out these dreams, re-examining them and adding them to my dream book if I still want them.

And don’t make the mistake of thinking its all about a new car, house or holiday. My dream book is full of how I can help my family, friends and charities. About how I can lead a better, more fulfilled and healthier life! Of course money is important, but its not the most important!

So don’t laugh off the idea of starting a dream book. Because you have pictures of your goals clearly there in front of you, you mind accepts that and leads you towards your dreams. I know because it is slowly happening to me!! If you can visualise what you want out of life you can get it! Make it real!

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