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lol again, my dream books ain’t that special

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36 replies
  1. NicoleXenia
    NicoleXenia says:

    Holding up those editions of the Harry Potter books, holding up my childhood right there.
    Maybe it's just an attachment thing as they're the editions I've read growing up, but I love those ones ❤️
    I never had the adult version covers though, wow I'd completely forgotten about their existence!

    I recently bought City of Ghosts myself, can't wait to read it!
    They Lady's Guide to Petticoats and Piracy I have pre-ordered, can't wait!

  2. Claire D.
    Claire D. says:

    Scribd does not give access to unlimited books/audiobooks. Once you've read a few most of the audiobooks you saved are blocked until the next month… Just dropping that here bc I'm tired of hearing booktubers say that when it's not true…

  3. majqt
    majqt says:

    Omg I get you! I've always (growing up in Poland) wanted these editions and when I found out they are out of print I was so sad! I managed to buy few of them second hand but I'm still missing 3! you are not alone haha 🙂

  4. Emily Ann
    Emily Ann says:

    So crazy that those Harry Potter editions are so special to you! I have those editions but that’s because whenever a new one was released we’d just go the book shop and get it! My whole family have read them and they’re the books that have sat on my families bookshelves for 15+ years, I definitely took the original editions for granted!!

  5. Bookishly Chelle
    Bookishly Chelle says:

    I get you with the dream books. Ironically I have the original Bloomsbury editions of HP but am slowly replacing them with the Slytherin editions as they are being released. As for my dream books, the first is a copy of the illustrated Brief History of Time which I eventually treated myself to. My current dream book is a hardback edition of Lord of the Rings which I’m trying to justify spending £50 on… so far I haven’t talked myself into it but one day it will be mine!

  6. Lisen Sviden
    Lisen Sviden says:

    I'm the same way about the original UK covers, and they've become sort of a collectors item for me, so every time I'm in the UK I find a used bookstore and I buy one more of the set. I just love them and they're the only second hand books I own and I love that there's a story behind then (expecially the first edition HBP and DH)

  7. Jasmin Johansen
    Jasmin Johansen says:

    All the books I bought this month is used. I just love going to used bookstores and see what I can find. The only problem being that I live in Denmark and not a lot of the popular English books are translated. But I get lucky sometimes, with finding both English and Danish books. Like I found 'A Wrinkle in time' for under 1$ and it just came out in Denmark a couple of months ago!!! 😮

  8. TRSoundtracks
    TRSoundtracks says:

    Omg! I can't believe it! 😱This is such a huge coincidence! Cause I was looking for Harry Potter 1 through 4 uk editions just a few days ago on adebooks and other sites. I already own the three last books, but I neeeed the rest too. I haven't found the right ones yet but I am hoping to have them in my hands in October. They bring so many good memories ❤️

  9. dead inside
    dead inside says:

    omg i feel you on the hp books, i live in Hungary, and i once found a first edition hardcover copy of Half Blood Prince in perfect condition for like 2 dollars, and i have been meaning to collect the whole series in this edition since then

  10. Sara Skaggs
    Sara Skaggs says:

    I preorder wicked king on good choice readings and I might be able to get the exclusive edition of them. I also received Circe which is super excited. But I received my most anticipated read of 2018, ESCAPING FROM HOUDINI!!!! My dream books are the original Harry Potter books and the original Percy Jackson series!

  11. Julia
    Julia says:

    I have some Harry Potter related book dreams. I have the complete collection in Finnish and I really want a set in English BUT there's so many different editions and new ones are constantly getting released. I decided to collect a mix/match set consisting of the original UK and US editions and some of the newer UK/US editions. It's still a work in progress but one day I'll have all 7.

  12. gingergeekgirl
    gingergeekgirl says:

    Emma, you are officially my hero. I've been searching for a reasonably priced copy of Charmed Knits (it's a Harry Potter knitting book that went out of print years ago) and have only ever been able to find copies that were being listed for $100+. I'd never heard of Abebooks before you just mentioned it in this video…they have a couple copies on there for like $30 after shipping. So, THANK YOU! This video has just helped me acquire one of my dream books! <3

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