Jaime’s dream (from book 4: A Feast for Crows)

(Turn on captions for English subtitles)
A video clip made from stills from the HBO TV show “Game of Thrones”, sequences from the movie “Red Riding Hood”, illustrations (published in the internet) of Jaime Lannister and the voice of John Lee from “A Feast for Crows” audio book.
I tried to make the video spoilers free for those who only watched the HBO TV show “Game of Thrones” up to season-3.

This clip is about Jaime’s dream in A Feast for Crows.
In that dream Jaime meets a mysterious woman.
The identity of that woman is unknown, but there are clues in the text.
The reason for the woman’s sadness is also unknown.
The sequence ends with a picture visualizing one of the theories.

Music credits:

– “Keep The Streets Empty For Me” by Fever Ray
– “Son Nefes” by Alihan Samedov
– “Unfinished Life” by Audiomachine

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20 replies
  1. Slade Xiong
    Slade Xiong says:

    hmm this makes me think alot if the imp is truly tywin lannisters child and jamie wasn't how did tywin call jaime his son and not tyrion the imps? the only thing i can think is maybe lord tyrion and jaime were born the same time different mothers so he chose the son that was going to be a knight instead of his rightful air? and the lady jaime see's is his real mother! tinking thinking i dunno if anyone knows please let me know? i'm still confused but could only come up with that in my kitten mind

  2. Nitansha Yadav
    Nitansha Yadav says:

    Here is another excerpt from book hinting of them being Targs:
    When Tywin comments about Joffrey growing up to be 'Robert The Second' .. Tyrion replies to that saying – "Not Robert The Second… Aerys The Third".
    Hinting both at the same time – Joffrey not being Robert's son.. and Jamie not Tywin's ! 

  3. Miss A
    Miss A says:

    I'm sure ya'll remember the Red Wedding…Why would they take the time, in an already long, and extremely important scene, to detail the Westerosi Wedding Bedding Ceremony (a clever exchange between Catelyn and Roose Bolton), if it were not going to come up later? George's foreshadowing at its finest. He tends not to waste words, even though there's a lot of them.

  4. Matthew Graham
    Matthew Graham says:

    Rumours are abound of Aerys taking liberties with Joanna on the night of her and Tywin's wedding during the traditional bedding ritual of Westeros weddings and it is reported that not long after that Joanna was dismissed from the King's Landing court at the behest of Queen Rhaella.

    Could Joanna have been impregnated by Aerys then and bore his children?

    No. As Cersei and Jamie were born three years after the wedding and in this time Joanna avoided the capital as much as possible.

    However, It is known that Joanna attended the prominent King's Landing Tourney which celebrated Aerys tenth year as king. At this it is known that Joanna was the subject of much public lurid comments made by the King which where said to have enraged Tywin to the point that he wished to resign his post of Hand of the King. Following this event we know that during the following year Joanna died birthing Tyrion.

    It is not at all impossible for Tyrion to be Aerys son and circumstantial evidence can support this: (Aerys & Queen Rhaella having had several still born children about this time) Aerys apparent continued interest or fixation/objectification of Joanna commenting on her breasts, Tywin's rage the following day, even Tyrions appearance could be explained (paler blonde hair than his siblings and his extended family, his mismatched eyes and his general deformity could all be explained from Targaeryan Paternity) Tywins general attitude to Tyrion. 

    Although this another theory among many; which others have also theorised it does give credence to Tywins near obsession against Tyrion bringing shame to the Family, Tywins general disdain for Tyrion, and levity to Tywin's last words "You are no son of mine"

  5. dacariice19
    dacariice19 says:

    I think she was talking about Tywin. After Tywin lost his wife he went into ham mode and Jamie would never know the tender side to him. And I think she said that to let him know she was his mother speaking to him. As the king became mad he may have raped her and had Tyrion which Tywin was forced to raise as he had no proof and if he did his house reputation couldn't handle that truth. Jamie was making out with cercei when his mother was alive. She separated them and warned to tell Tywin. I think cercei is the influence and Jamie is the weaker twin. It was her who seduced Jamie not the other way around. Cercei has many lovers while Jamie had just one. His whole life was lived by the wishes of Cercei. The only thing Jamie did out of his own merit and reason was when he killed the mad king. His finest act. 

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