Last minute World Book Day 2018 costume ideas and where to buy them

WORLD Book Day is  taking place on Thursday March 1, and while kids can get excited for wearing fancy dress, it can be stressful time for parents.

Thankfully there are a number of fun outfits available that won’t break the bank.

 These cute costume don't need to break the bank
These cute costume don’t need to break the bank

Where can you buy cheap costumes?

If your young one is a fan of The Gruffalo, then Argos has a great option for just £15, and better still, it will definitely keep them warm in the snow.

Or perhaps your child doesn’t want to grow up – in which case, then Party Delights offer a Peter Pan costume for just £8.99.

It’s hard to find a kid who doesn’t love Disney, and most dream of being a Disney princess.

In which case, Asda has a stunning Belle costume, which costs just £14, but they’ll need someone else to dress as the beast.

TK Maxx are known for their affordable items, and if little one loves make believe and fairy tales, they will love this £12.99 unicorn outfit.

 Many supermarkets are selling options for under £15
Many supermarkets are selling options for under £15

Almost every child is familiar with Red Riding Hood, and Party Delights have a great outfit which costs just £5.94 – you could even give give your child a basket filled with eggs for the extra realistic touch.

If your child loves being fierce, then the Wonder Woman costume from Tesco includes head gear and wrist bands.

Tesco also has Charlie Bucket costume available on the website, that includes a golden ticket prop.

Princess Tiana is one of the most popular Disney princesses at the moment, and Asda have a perfect costume for £14.

Or, if you have a kid that loves munching everything in sight, then the Very Hungry Caterpillar costume from Asda is ideal – and it’s just £14.

 Get your child's imagination working with a realistic costume
Get your child’s imagination working with a realistic costume

Mary Poppins is a beloved story that has stood the test of generations.

Tesco have a rather smart costume for just £12, which includes the dress and props of an umbrella and tape measure – all that’s missing is a spoonful of sugar.

It’s hard to find any kid who doesn’t adore Roald Dahl’s work, and Tesco also offer a great BFG option for £15.

Finally, Harry Potter is still the most popular childrens’ series, so why not wave a magic wand and dress your child as the bespectacled wizard?

It’s just £15 from Argos and is perfect for any Gryffindor.


Here’s six World Book Day costume ideas that you can make at home with your kids
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