Literature and Dream Interpretation – Proof of God’s Existence

It is a honor for me to be the one who will prove that God really exists and we can see His actions daily by interpreting our dreams and the facts of our daily reality according to the scientific method of dream interpretation discovered by the psychiatrist and psychologist Carl Jung. I improved Carl Jung’s method; I am a writer who wrote a book full of dream symbols with very important meanings, after suffering a terrible accident and becoming an atheist.

The truth is that I discovered indubitable proof of God’s existence by interpreting my own literature according to the method of dream interpretation discovered by Jung. He interpreted the symbolic meaning in the literary works of several writers, indicating the influence of the unconscious in a few writers’ style.

I clearly understood that I was this type of writer, since I was a kid. I started writing poems when I was 7 and at the age of 8, my poems already revealed a very developed spirituality. I had a great talent that everyone observed by reading my works.

I couldn’t understand how I could write such wise poems and stories, and often, I understood the meaning of my words only after reading them several times. This phenomenon can be explained by the strong influence of the unconscious on my literature. The magic inspiration the unconscious sends me is what helps me write my poems and stories.

When I was 15, I suffered a terrible car accident in which my friend Marina, who was only 22, died instantly, and after her, I was the most seriously injured. I had trauma to my head and I lost my memory and coordination. I was in a coma for 3 days after which I could only recognize no one my mother, my father and my boyfriend. My other friends would come to the hospital and visit me, but I could not remember them. After a while, I started remembering a few of my best friends but I could not understand several things and I could not pay attention to what someone was telling me for too long.

Soon, my eyes would turn to another direction and I would stay paralyzed, isolated, without listening to what other people were telling me, lost in my own thoughts.

I remember many tragic incidents after this terrible accident and I only really regained my intelligence and personality a year after this terrible car accident.

I lost my faith and I started attacking the nuns at my Catholic school. I became very aggressive and I was sarcastic with everyone…

At that time, I started writing a book in which the central hero was a beggar. He was an old beggar who was frustrated with mankind. However, he wanted to bring peace and abundance to Earth, so that everyone would be able to live happily in our planet.

This book was like psychotherapy for me, as it helped me conserve my moral principles and overcome my atheism. It was a complicated book with strange and difficult words, but the dialogues were written in poetry and it had a beautiful rhythm. A few friends who read it felt it was too sad and too complicated for the Brazilian readers. It was never published because I finished writing it when I left Brazil and I would have to pay for publication. I simply kept the book in a drawer and forgot about it. I was living in Greece and had many other adventures. I stopped writing when I got married, my son was born and I had other interests in life.

I became very depressed, nervous and insecure because my young cousin who was only 18 died when I was in the sixth month of my pregnancy and three days after her, my beloved mother-in-law passed away as well. Their death in the same week, while I was pregnant, was pure hell for me … Everything was so tragic that I lost my happiness because I was waiting for my baby and I was constantly thinking: who can guarantee me that my baby is going to grow up and live?

In my despair, I started caring for my dreams and studying many books. When I followed Carl Jung’s method and I verified that he was correct, I abandoned all the other methods and followed him precisely, as a very good student. I’m the perfect student when I like the subject.

Some day, I remembered the book I wrote after the car accident and I started interpreting its symbolic meaning.

I discovered that it had three meanings: literary, psychological and universal.

The literary meaning showed to the world that only a beggar and a poor child could understand that we live in an invisible war and we have to give an end to poverty if we want to live peacefully and happily on Earth.

The psychological meaning revealed that I was a dictator. I would become schizophrenic and impose my absurd ideas to everyone, provoking many wars.

The universal meaning revealed to the word that humanity needs sensitivity, piety and goodness in order to be cured from the craziness it inherits in its psyche, because the human being is a violent monster and rationalism cannot solve the basic problems of existence.

This is why I accepted to obey to the wise unconscious, so that I would be cured from craziness before it is too late.

I wrote this book after the car accident over a span of 6 and a half years, while traveling to the USA and Greece. I was a complete atheist at this time. The significant revelations upon translating this book clearly prove that the unconscious is really wise and saintly and it is also a real doctor that cures the a priori crazy human being by using many methods.

I analyzed the most important symbols found in my literary work “The philanthropic beggar” in my ebook Craziness Prevention and in my free report Craziness and Logic.

“The philanthropic beggar” is a true revelation! This book is wholly symbolic and all heroes have a very important meaning. Due to the interpretation of two basic symbols in this literary work I could decipher the mystery existent in a very important dream that Jung mentioned but could not translate and many things more.

The information and psychotherapy I received in this book could have only been given to me by a genius. The translation of the symbolic meaning of this literary work clearly proves the existence of God, since only a superior brain could present the truth so clearly in this strange romance, even though it was given in a symbolic form. We can clearly see the existence of this symbolic meaning, behind the literary meaning, and that the meaning has a personal and a general character at the same time.

In “The philanthropic beggar” (written in Portuguese) I found all the answers I needed in order to completely understand how to translate the symbolic meaning of dream images and literary works. Further, I could also understand how serious my psychological disease was and how much I really needed the psychotherapy that the wise unconscious was providing me in my own dreams.

I also understood that I received a blessing, since I had the opportunity to be cured from the craziness inherent in my psyche before it would completely destroy my human conscience.

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