Message – From Books and Dreams (1973)[Full Album]

I do not own the copyright to this recording so if it needs to be removed, I will remove it.
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A1 Sleep! -00:00
A2 Dreams And Nightmares (Dreams) -02:51
A3 Turn Over! -15:30
B1 Sigh-19:32
B2 Dreams And Nightmares (Nightmares) -27:38

Bass — Horst Stachelhaus
Drums — Günther Klingel
Engineer — Dieter Dierks
Engineer [Assistant] — Hainer
Guitar — Allan Murdoch
Producer — Peter Hauke
Vocals, Saxophone, Mellotron, Lyrics By — Tommy McGuigan

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25 replies
  1. 1167400
    1167400 says:

    Yes, I have the original German vinyl as well. And their 1st LP too, plus another later one. A big find was the single-Painted Ladies/Smile. These guys are killer especially Murdoch the guitarist.

  2. Benjamin Blake Mitchner
    Benjamin Blake Mitchner says:

    Might be the best in the world this is even better than some favorites. I like Iron Maiden's more recent work because it sounds more progressive than their usual typical repetitive style, but I unfortunately don't think they are a patch on the classics of which for the 80s they completely ARE NOT NO MATTER WHAT YOU MAY THINK AND NEVER WILL BE! The 70s would have seen them with no record deal. This is better, much more exciting than most screech metal. I love dark Sabbathy stuff and all kinds of metal, but by "screech metal" I mean the stuff coming out now and for TOO LONG sounds like cookie monster with indigestion. What I heard of Opeth impressed me, but I prefer progressive rock of which Message are a fantastic example with quite a bit of psychedelic and jazz influences. Great band who deserve more recognition. Thank you to the good people who commented positively on this wonderful album.

  3. Aleksandar Lomjanski
    Aleksandar Lomjanski says:

    I heard them live in Novi Sad (Serbia).
    It was a great show. At one point they asked the audience to sit on the floor. The audience was not ready for that kind of performance, and the weather was wet and rainy, so the musicians abandoned the request. Anyway, it was a concert to remember, my first encounter with live progressive music.

  4. Ludmila Kokk
    Ludmila Kokk says:

    Cover is a bit similar as McChurch Soundroom but music is completely different. Unfortunately this album was musically disappointment for me. I expected for this a lot, lets say something as McChurch Soundroom has.

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