Message From the Universe: Living Your Ultimate Dream

"If anyone could do it, figure things out, smooth them over, face their fears, find the truth, come back and totally blast off, as necessary for you to live as you now dream of living – YOU ARE THAT PERSON.

What a coincidence,
The Universe "

Never underestimate your capabilities. You are definitely able to accomplish all your goals and add more on top of them. If you look at each task individually, you can tackle them one by one and get a step closer to reaching your destination. There is no mystery. There is NO secret. Books have been written to enlighten people about what they can do and how to get to where you want to be. Many of these concepts are repeated over and over again about the Law of Attraction and Thoughts become things. The Universe could be molded based on how you create your own thoughts. Your thoughts control how you observe a certain phenomenon and how you interpret the results of this observation. You can decide if you want to focus on the negative side of things, or better, the positive. More you think in the wrong way, more you are bending to go against your wishes and expectations. Everything you do is based on your thoughts. Focus on how you can bend this law and looking into maximizing the positive effect so it can benefit you in long term.

The law of Attraction is not immediate. It takes time to come into effect. You can think negative thoughts today but the results of this negativity will not appear within the next 10 minutes. However, if you write down in a diary all your negative thoughts by adding a date (Ie, February 16th 2015) to these thoughts, you can start keeping track of its effect in your life and determine how long it will take for this negativity to come into realization. Now, you may just come back to me and say: "Well, Dr. Dan, why not try it the other way around and think positive, write down these positive thoughts with a date on it and see how long it takes to come into realization ". Bravo, you understood my reverse psychology approach to this law. You came to understand that this law will work both way, so might as well make it work in your advantage, right? So get to work, eliminate these negative thoughts from your mind and start tracking the length of time it will take for these positive thoughts and actions to come into your life and changing it for the better.

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