Motivation – How to Make It Blazing Everyday

My friends call me an ambitious person. And yes I am. But I got a problem with my endurance on reaching my goals. At first I would work harder than anyone else to reach my goals, or I could call it ‘my dreams’. Then I got into a problem. One problem comes after another. And eventually it makes me done with it and laid back. Somehow I forgot about my dreams again. Day after day it seems that the problem is getting worse and my dreams are flying away up high out of reach.

One day, I met one of my High school mates. And I tell him about how I feel and how I lost my motivation to get what I wanted. And then he comes up with a book in his hands and he told me, “Now here’s what you could do about it.” He opens the book and shows me the first page of it. The page was containing the title of the book and it was hand written. The book is entitled “My Dream Book”. Then he lends me the book and told me to open the pages of his book. When I open up his book I realized that it was more like an album than an original book. And it’s the album of his dreams. Every page got a picture of what he want to achieve in this world. Such as a house, a car, etc; there’s also pictures of places like Paris, Maldives, New York, Hawaii, etc. and in the last page was a picture of his family.

He told me that he always look up to that book every morning after he woke up and every night before he sleeps. He said that those pictures were his goals in his life. He even put some deadline on when he should achieve his dream on the below the picture shown. He said that it helps him a lot to focus on what he’s doing and make the best out of it. He always wants to make his family happy. There’s a picture of his mother smiling in the end of the “dream book” and he said that it’s the picture that motivate him a lot. He wanted to see his mother smiling like that again and again.

He inspires me to create my own dream book. And I made one myself. It’s such a great feeling to just look at it and imagine how it will make my family proud when I made my dreams comes true. I try to look at it every time I got the chance and it makes me willing to work as hard as I can to reach my dreams as soon as possible before it’s too late to makes my family proud of me. Well, make a “dream book” of your own and you will find how you will be motivated to get your dreams.

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