Never Give Up is the Theme of This Book – A Book Review on Perseverance

Sometimes life can be rough for folks during a recession, and the “not knowing” can often become extremely stressful. And it has often been said that tough times, do not last, but luckily tough people do. Perhaps, then the best advice is to learn from the tough souls who made it through their hardships, personal disasters, and adversity and came back stronger than ever. After all, it’s also said; “that which does not kill us, indeed, makes us stronger!”

To best help you with a little self-help wisdom, I’d like to recommend an extremely fascinating and interesting book of human hardship and adversity, one which I have in my personal library. The name of this book is;

“Firing Back; How Great Leaders Rebound After Career Disasters by Jeffrey Sonnenfeld and Andrew Ward; Harvard Press, Boston, MA; 2007.

“Never Give Up,” is the theme of this book; it’s a book on guts, will, and perseverance too. There is a deep philosophical discussion on the nature of adversity and the societal barriers that are created when it occurs. The authors also discuss other natural barriers that pop up like; corporate cultures at work, and the psychological stress barriers, which the individual puts upon themselves after a crisis. These are real issues and they must be addressed.

Then the book discusses reputation attacks and barriers that are put up and how to gain new friends to combat the naysayers. It discusses social networks, collateral damage assessments, damage control, and “rediscovering triumph from tragedy!” There are “legends and losers” explain the authors, and you know which side you want to be on, so give this book a gander, as I have.

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