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Margaret Bowater’s new book offers a practical guide to understanding dreams.

Dreams could hold the secret to solving one’s deepest conflicts in life.

It’s just a matter of being able to understand the language.

Healing the Nightmare, Freeing the Soul – A Practical Guide is a new book offering a translation guide for dream language.

Author Margaret Bowater says knowledge of dreams should be natural to everybody. “It’s a natural feedback system.”

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For sceptics who think dream-reading is a bit wishy-washy, Bowater’s book is rooted in her vast practical knowledge and 30 years’ experience as a therapist.

“So many people think that dreams are just nonsense because they are in a ‘different language’,” Bowater says.

“But actually, they are really a metaphorical language because we dream in pictures and sounds. For example, being chased is a metaphor for trying to avoid something.

“All mammals dream, and human beings dreamed long before we had verbal language.  

“You need to think, put your conscious mind to work to sort out the problems the unconscious mind is telling you.”

“You need to go back to the dream and figure out how to fix it,” she says.

The book is split into three sections: groundwork, trauma dreaming, and spirituality. Exampled by an interrogation of over 80 nightmare examples.

Healing the Nightmare marks Bowater’s second published novel.

“I’ve always thought of myself as a writer and I’m happy to be publishing my book.”

“What is more important to me is that more of the public are educated, about the significance of dreams,” she says.

Healing the Nightmare, Freeing the Soul was published in September main bookshops, publisher Calico and Batemans.

Bowater will be attending the international book fair in Frankfurt this October 19 till October 23.

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