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New Ariel Little Mermaid Dare to Dream Beauty Book from Walgreens! Only $10!

Please Note It was brought to my attention that these are actually not made by ELF. Very interesting as ELF made every other beauty book I have reviewed! I can’t edit out the parts mentioning ELF at this point so I just wanted to put a quick disclaimer. Well good news for us is this book is $3 cheaper than the elf versions and I like it a lot more! 🙂

This video is not sponsored. This beauty book was purchased with my own money.

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  1. Sailor Fireball Productions
    Sailor Fireball Productions says:

    Thanks for the review! This was very helpful! I have the Mulan one and I was looking for reviews about the products in the other two so, this was perfect!!

    And random factoid of the day: Oceanid (which I believe is pronounced Osh-e-ann-id) is, actually, a kind of sea nymph from Greek mythology. I thought that was kind of a cool word for them to throw in there. Very appropriate for Ariel since mermaids sort of ARE oceanids! ;)

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