Occult Literature 135: The New Dream Book

A good work:

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42 replies
  1. I Em Hoo I Iz
    I Em Hoo I Iz says:

    I usually wake up around 9 am on Saturday morning, after sleeping off a meal and a good bottle of red wine, as I anticipate 2 days off from my night job, and I let my doggy out and go back to sleep for another hour or so, and because I worry that she will find her way under the fence, like the rabbits do, and like she has figured out once, I tend to have dreams about her being in danger. This morning it was about a German Shepard that leaped out of a car window and bounded over to us and sniffed her head, and I knew that if it decided to bite her that I could not be fast enough to stop it, so I talked to it in friendly manner and it backed off and everything was o.k, and then I woke up and went outside to find Charlotte waiting at the door.

  2. Blab Blab
    Blab Blab says:

    give Styx a sword and a catholic cross and he will make a great Spanish Conquistador. No, Spain wasn't that murderous as you think. The English were murderous. The "Indians" just were not immune to European viruses aka flu etc. …..a drama nevertheless.

  3. Dana dreadthedays Kerr
    Dana dreadthedays Kerr says:

    Happy Birthday Styx I am 38 and If I'm not old, fyi you are not old, guy. This is the prime of your life. You handled the douchery well today and with grace. It's awesome to see you turn shitty posts into gold by merely chiming in to lay the truth down. You have a ton to be proud of this year. So mote it be man. I hope your glow stick and cake evening is awesome. May the clanks be merry lol

  4. Dana dreadthedays Kerr
    Dana dreadthedays Kerr says:

    I wanted to add. I have studied dreams off and on for about 18 years now. I am a cross-faith Minister with a BS psych degree. That being said, I can honestly say all human customs/physiology have intrigued me for a very long time. I appreciate these videos very much. Moreover, I have read several dream references hypothesize that the "main character" in your dreams is always you. Opposed to accepting merely utter opposites as an interpretation. This theory states that the person/ object or entity which your dream highlights is a vision that you manifest of yourself – even if you are in the dream, but not the main focus. Have you also heard / read this before?
    A possible research Source : Patrick McNamara Ph.D.

  5. Brook Perkins
    Brook Perkins says:

    Thank you Styx for your tweet about joining forces with the far-right/further right, most of my early initial redpills came directly from your channel during the election, it was sad in a way that I began watching you less as I drifted towards National Socialism/ethnonationalism ideologically, you're incredibly smart and entertaining, I see no reason why we can't benefit each other, I'm perfectly fine with libertarians so long as they don't punch right

    I hope you and Richard or Mike can have a discussion some time soon, Sargon got in your way on Warski haha

  6. Three Percenter
    Three Percenter says:

    This work is right up my alley. Unlike with religion that could sometime not be looked at with no bias. Fortune telling always interest me from a literally standpoint because of the prediction of future events side and how sometimes people interpreted with full conviction the sincerity of the fortune. Why play some board game when you can predict fortunes and shit. I mean seriously. How many times can you play monopoly and it be fun. That's my 2 cents. Peace out.

  7. Ulrich Hoffmann
    Ulrich Hoffmann says:

    Do you think there will be a third Jesuit world war over the nuclear agreement or 2 state solution world war?
    And why or why not? Best to be prepared with a radiological waterfilter and storable food any way.
    You have a lot more viewers than I do so congratulations!

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