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MIAMI COUNTY — When most parents engage in fun activities with their kids, writing and publishing a children’s book usually isn’t what springs to mind, but that’s exactly what 7-year-old Troy resident Emma Rose Fisher-Rowe did with her mother.

Their new children’s book, “Oscar Goes to School,” was released on May 11 through Miami County’s own Gypsy Publications as a collaborative effort, which spawned from a vivid dream that Emma Rose had about her beloved feline.

“I had this dream about my cat, Oscar,” Emma Rose said. “I dreamed that my cat hopped into my bookbag, and then I picked it up and ran to the bus in a hurry. My teacher asked, ‘What’s in your bag?’ and I said, ‘Oh no!’ Then, Oscar followed me through school the rest of the day.”

Emma Rose’s mother, Meaghan Fisher, who has published 14 children’s books through Gypsy Publications, encouraged Emma Rose to see the project through.

“She kept telling me about the dream one day,” Fisher said. “I told her, ‘Emma Rose, why don’t you just write it down?’ I wanted to teach her how to write something from start to finish. We went through different books and I explained to her, ‘This is how the book begins. This is the middle. This is the end.’ I think teaching kids about the structure of writing is really important. Storytelling has a rhythm, and becoming familiar with those rhythms help them to learn.”

As Emma Rose wrote the story, Fisher illustrated each page before handing over them over to husband Tim Rowe, who works as an illustrator, for coloring.

Fisher and Emma Rose held their first book signing last month in Columbus, selling over 100 copies of “Oscar Goes to School.”

Of the event, Emma Rose exclaimed, “I wrote my name on each book, and my mom did, too!”

Fisher hopes that Emma Rose’s work on “Oscar Goes to School” can inspire other children to become engaged in their own creations.

“People should know that it’s never too early for kids to write their own book,” Fisher said. “It’s been fun teaching Emma Rose how to do it, just so she learns the structure and the value of writing. No matter what age, you can publish a book.”

Emma Rose is currently working on her second book, tentatively titled, “Oscar Goes to the Park.”

“Oscar Goes to School” is now available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Books-A-Million. For more information on Meaghan Fisher, visit www.gypsypublications.com.

Cody Willoughby | Troy Daily News Emma Rose Fisher-Rowe reads an excerpt from “Oscar Goes to School,” a new book co-written with her mother, Meaghan Fisher, at Troy-Hayner Cultural Center.

Mother and daughter co-author children’s book

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