One Small Mistake Can Ruin Your Quinceanera Party

This story was shared by one of the guests of the Quinceanera and a friend of the family. She tells about her uncomfortable experience at her friends Quince celebration party. The Quinceaneras parents thought they had taken care of everything when planning their daughters special celebration. They went over budget and were concerned about that, but they felt it was going to be a beautiful party. The parents were very proud of their daughter, however they did not know their daughters friends that well.

The day of their daughter, Marias Quinceanera was filled with love, gratitude and joy. Friends and family alike shared those feelings. Marias parents were so happy until things went out of control on the dance floor.

Marias parents never realized it is normal for many teens these days to do dirty dancing or “freaking”. It is something teens do at school dances.

When the friend of the family arrived at the party she said, “I was delighted to see other people from my school there. The music started, it was in Spanish and everyone was having fun on the dance floor trying to dance like the Quinceaneras aunts and uncles. It was great fun.

Later on, one of the girls requested hip-hop music. The DJ put on the music. It was still OK, until some of the girls went to get some of the guys to dance with them and they started to do freak dancing. All of a sudden, the rest of kids were dancing like that also.

The dancing got worse and more sexually explicit. Most of Marias friends wearing their formal clothes were dancing like party animals. They did not seem to care where they were and what they were doing. They showed no respect toward the adults and the young kids. The faces of the adult guests had a look of disgust and astonishment”.

She went on to say…”How sad for a beautiful day to end up that way”,

7 ways to prevent losing control of your Quinceanera Fiesta or any other celebration:

1. Choose a Master of Ceremonies who you can easily communicate with. Let them know the kind of music you want played.

2. Give them a list of the songs and type of music you want to be played.

3. Give them a list of the music you DO NOT want played

4. Tell the Master of Ceremonies that only you or another authorized adult can change the type of music to be played at the party.

5. Make sure the teens are not being served alcohol. It is against the law to serve minors alcohol even in some ones home. If anyone gets into an accident after your party and one of the teens is found to have been drinking at your party – you are responsible. There are big fines for this type of offense.

6. Check out your daughters guest list. Make sure you approve of everyone who is invited.

7. For safety reasons consider hiring a professional security guard to keep anyone not invited out of the party.

To take control, you need to plan ahead, communicate with your vendors what you will allow and will not allow at the party. This will ensure everyone will be happy and share in the gifts of life from your daughters Quinceanera celebration and have beautiful memories forever.

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