Batman vs Superman, Suicide Squad… It's a DC Dream! –

(Photo: Warner Bros)

In a new feature series on, Ora TV’s Shira Brown joins us to offer up a preview of Warner Bros. upcoming schedule of DC Comics movies.

It won’t be long before the most anticipated DC blockbuster of the year, Batman vs. Superman, graces us with its presence. But that’s not the only movie hitting theaters this year, with Warner Brothers building out a series of films slated to be released throughout the years. They have really taken it upon themselves to build out a DC universe for fans to get lost in, and it’s looking like it won’t disappoint!

First up this year is Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice, which is placing two of DC’s most iconic characters against one another. There are a number of details about this move that have comic book fans gripping with excitement. The biggest one might be Doomsday, and how exactly Zach Snyder will connect him to the Justice League. Will it take DC and Superman back to Krypton? Snyder says there is good reason for the move, but fans will just have to wait and see for themselves.

Suicide Squad is the next flick to be released (Aug 5) and bringing an anti-hero cast to the screen that could make a grown man quiver.

Next up from the DC universe in 2017 will be the Wonder Woman solo film, with Gal Gadot, which promises to bring the powerful superhero force she is known for.

And closing out an epic 2017 for DC fans will be Justice League: Part 1, out on November 17th. This looks to be quite a couple years for comic book fans, and one thing’s for sure is audiences can’t wait!

In the mean time you can check out Michael Shannon offering Larry King up some new details about his Batman vs. Superman role:



You can check out Michael Shannon’s full interview with Larry King on Ora TV.

"The Dream Catcher Tour" by Paula Buermele – Book Review

Outskirts Press (2007)

ISBN 9781432703530

Buckle your seatbelts; you are in for an adventure you won’t soon forget! Welcome aboard the Northern Experience Tours! You will be traveling with 46 other women on a trip around the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. You are certain to meet some of the most interesting people you have ever met and perhaps you will make some new friends along the way. Emily is our tour guide and she wants to spend some time with each individual tour group member and be certain that they have a good time.

Of course, when you have this many different people from so many different walks of life, you are sure of having many life stories. As the group travels from one location to another, another person is spending time with Emily and sharing their life stories. From one city to another, you are able to enjoy the sites and unique characteristics of each locale. Some of the tourists’ attractions are as follows: Mackinac Island, the Soo Locks bordering Canada, Munising, Houghton and Crystal Falls.

Paula Buermele has done an excellent job in providing a great storyline and travel book all in one. Through the pages of the book, you will feel like you are right there on the bus and getting to know these people that you are traveling with. Through descriptive paragraphs you will feel like you are seeing these places with your own eyes. I certainly hope that Paula Buermele writes more books. I loved “The Dream Catcher Tour” and would definitely like to read more of her work.

Reviewed by Lori Plach for Reader Views (11/07)

Goal Busters

At this time, you have evaluated your wheel of life and decided where you need to focus extra attention. You have set goals that are specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and have a deadline. So why do so many people give up after only a few weeks into a new resolution?

Unsupportive Friends – Be careful with whom you share your dreams, visions and goals. Not everybody will see what you see. Some people may rain on your parade. It is helpful to find your cheerleaders who will encourage you to keep going, applaud the little successes.

The hardest challenge is if your closest friends aren’t your cheerleaders. ‘It is hard to soar like an eagle when you are surrounded by turkeys.’ You may need to find a new group of friends that can support your endeavor. This may be very simple – if you find a local interest group that has the interests that align with your goals.

Writing Your Goals Down – Studies have shown the success for achieving goals goes up dramatically if you write them down. I find visualization fuels the passion and keeps you pressing towards your goals. Find pictures of your dream/goals and place them on a wall, dream board or notebook. I have a notebook with sections for each of my spokes of the wheel of life.

Speak Only Positive Words – If you say “This will never happen.” Or “I will never get this done.” You are right. If you proclaim, “My dream will happen.” Or “I can do this.” You are right.

There is death and life in the power of the tongue. Be careful of what you speak about yourself or your dreams and goals. Those off hand remarks like “I am so stupid” or “I am such a klutz” are destructive. They aren’t as innocent as they may seem.

When Jim Carey was an unknown “want to” be actor, he had a dream book. He knew he wanted to be a world famous actor. Not only did he have a dream book, he went regularly to the hills overlooking Hollywood and proclaimed his dream. And the rest is history.

Review Your Goals – Keeping focused on your goals helps you take action, do things that move you toward your dreams. Professing your successful completion of your goals daily helps you stay focused, helps you visualize and keep the passion burning.

Periodically you need to review your progress. I look at that quarterly. What steps do I want to have done in the next 3 months? Those are measurable, keep them realistic and achievable. Based on how I did for the quarter, I set the goals for the next quarter.

I don’t beat myself up, if I fall short. Life happens, issues come up, distractions occur. But where would I be if I didn’t have a compass to keep me focused on what I have determined to be important.

We will always be a cheerleader for you – especially for your financial goals.

Stay tuned for Financial Goal Setting! Dreams, visions, goals, achieving, dream board, wheel of life

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Live Your Road Trip Dream by Phil and Carol White, Book Review

Planning the Dream, Making it Happen, and Enjoying the Ride

In this second edition of their award winning book “Live Your Road Trip Dream”, Phil and Carol White have found the perfect balance in crystallizing the dream, planning the “plot,” and journalling the journey.

In this edition of their how to planning guide, the Whites have included new sections with ideas for taking sabbaticals, conducting business while on the road, and ideas for using the trip for instructing your children.

I have heard it said that half the fun is in the planning. This is where the book begins. The White’s have divided their book into two parts. “Part One” begins with the dream stage and suggested plans to help the reader determine and put into action the steps for making their own personal dream trip come to fruition.

The White’s include detailed suggestions for financing the trip, how to make provision for your home, cars, and family responsibilities. They include pointers on selecting a travel home; planning the route, mapping out the details, and keeping in touch with the family. Carol offers remarkable insight into some decisions that may come up along the way as well as anticipating possible emergencies.

In “Part Two” Carol shares journals of their journey. She points out places of interest they visited the trip, the character and quality of some of the hotels along the way, and items of historical interest. Their trip included a visit to all of the 48 contiguous states, as well as 43 National Parks, and many monuments and museums of historical significance.

Phil shared some “Phil-osophies” regarding the sport halls of fame they visited, stories of enjoying golf along the way, and some sports events they watched. This added a dimension to the book as it gave a man’s view of many of their stops along the way.

Resource lists, check off lists, worksheets, and sample itineraries are all included in the appendix. I enjoyed the many, many, photographs included throughout the book.

As a writing team Carol and Phil have written an engaging and positive story. Their book resonates with a contagious spirit which instills in the reader the impetus to move from a dream, to a plan, to making turning the ignition to make that dream become a reality.

RLI Press, 978-097529839

As Reviewed for Midwest Book Review

Former Chinese premier Li Peng releases book, chimes to Xi's 'Chinese Dream' – Hong Kong Free Press

Former Chinese premier Li Peng has released a new book on local economics in which he urged the Chinese people to work together to fulfill the “Chinese Dream.”

The book is a compilation of Li’s speeches and reports on local economies in various provinces, cities, and villages in China between 1983 and 2003 .

Li Peng was premier from 1988 to 1998, during which he presided over the Tiananmen massacre, ordering a military crackdown against pro-democracy student protesters in June 1989. He was also instrumental in the realisation of the Three Gorges Dam project.

 Jiang Zemin, Li Peng, Qiao Shi and Deng Xiaoping

In order from left: Jiang Zemin, Li Peng, Qiao Shi, Deng Xiaoping. Photo: Apple Daily

In Li’s foreword, dated July 15th, 2015, Li wrote “I sincerely hope that Chinese citizens will, under the leadership of the Chinese Communist Party, fulfill the Chinese dream and actualise national rejuvenation in order to create a prosperous society.”

The “Chinese Dream,” coined by President Xi Jinping, aims at national rejuvenation and the development of a prosperous society.

The book contains 150 pieces of writing, totalling 38,000 words, according to The Beijing News. It also contains a recent photograph of Li Peng, taken on September 3rd, 2015 when he viewed the China’s 2015 Victory Day Parade from the Tiananmen rostrum.

china military parade

China military parade. Photo: HKFP.

The former premier is also said to be working on a memoir of his life after 1983, according to Beijing News. His previous memoir, published in 2014, spanned from 1928 to 1983. It is not clear if Li will mention the 1989 crackdown in the new memoir, but a book called Li Peng June 4 Diary, the authenticity of which has not been officially recognised,  was published in 2010 in the US.



A Review of "A Witch’s Book of Dreams" by Karri Allrich

Karri Allrich’s book A Witch’s Book of Dreams was something of a pioneer in the field of dreaming. When it was published in 2001 there were few other books on the market that married together dreaming with the spiritual. I purchased this book when it first came onto the market and have cherished it ever since for it sparked some incredible dreams for me. While I do not support all of the models presented in this book, I still find it to be a most helpful resource for the beginning dream worker.

The first half of the book contains chapters that educate and initiate the dreamer into the subconscious realm based upon Jung psychology. Allrich well explains the archetypes and uses real dream examples to introduce the language of symbols and animals in dreams to the dreamer. There are chapters about The Importance of Shadow Work, Nightmares, Beginning Dream Work and using tools such as the Tarot to aid in understanding the symbology of dreams. The idea that Allrich puts forward about the shadow is not something I personally believe or support but it presents a common belief among other dream workers that dreamer should at least be aware of.

The book has shamanic and Wiccan threads running through its pages with explanations of how to work with the moon and how moon phases affect our dreams. Allrich also explains how to cast a dream spell and the uses of association, active imagination, and automatic writing. Although I’m not Wiccan the information is helpful in starting someone off who has never worked with dreams before.

The second half of the book is dedicated to dream symbols listed in alphabetical order. Allrich derives her dream symbols from the tarot, archetypes and shamanism, which have made more sense to me than interpretations based purely on psychology. Allrich dismisses Freudian concepts of symbols and I whole heartedly agree; for example, snakes in dreams to Freud are strictly a phallic symbol indicating repressed sexual desires. This is certainly not my experience. I regularly dream about snakes and have come to see them as allies in the preparation for spiritual initiation, which is how this author also acknowledges their symbolism. The symbols that Allrich presents in the dictionary section of the book covers much of what the beginner would encounter. Each symbol is outlined with great explanations as well as questions to spark the dreamers mind of possible meanings for their own dreams. Symbols are cross referenced in a handy index making the dictionary easy and quick to use.

If you are just starting your dream journey and beginning to delve into dream work this book would be a helpful resource to add to your dream library.

Are You Doing Enough to Protect Your Dreams?

The main reason I would like to write this article is because of a movie I have watched a few years back which has inspired me deeply till this day. It is scene in Pursuit of Happyness where Will Smith said to his son:

“Don’t ever let somebody tell you that you can’t do something. You got a dream, you gotta protect it. People can’t do it themselves. You tell them you can’t do it. You want something, go get it.”

For those of you who have watched the movie, you would have understand, the seems-to-be endless hardship he has to go through together with his son. It bring great ache to my heart when he was hiding in the toilet. Using 1 leg to stop the door afraid it would open because he has nowhere else to sleep for the night while crying. He has to go through so much of hardship and obstacles but he never lose sight of what he wants to do, not one moment.

Those who have not watch it, I sincerely encourage you to go rent or buy the DVD for it. It is worth every single cent of it. Let’s not lose sight of what I am trying to share with you. This article is not about promoting the movie.

Do you have a dream which you would like to pursue? It can be anything, small or big dreams, someone, something or from yourself? What is more important is how much do you want this dream of yours? Are you doing enough to protect and hold it as close as possible to yourself?

There will be bound to be many things to test us on our resolve towards our dreams. The universe will distract you away from your dreams when you are unaware. It is best that you have a dream book. Inside this dream book contains all the small cut out pictures you would like to have in the near future a.k.a. your dream items. This way you can refer to everyday and remind yourself of the things you want in life, feel it and believe in it and you will have it.

Remember nobody can stop you or take away your dreams unless you let them. To have a fulfilling life you have to live your dreams. Turning your dreams into reality is one of the best experiences one can have. What is stopping you now? Hold on to that dream of yours and never, never, never let go of it.