Read aloud books for children: Amanda’s Dream (children’s book for ages 5-12)

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Read aloud books for children :Amanda’s Dream
In this insightful children’s story, you will meet Amanda, a beautiful young girl who had a lot to learn about hard work and how to make her dreams a reality.
Amanda’s Dream is a motivational book for children ages 5 to 12, and their parents. This is the first book in a collection of short, motivational kids’ stories. This series will help your children develop the skills and principles to achieve a happy, fulfilling, and successful life.

This children’s book is also for parents who would like to help their kids start thinking big, to show them how to follow their dreams and to teach them to set and achieve their goals.

Creative Writing – My Dream Book

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My Dream Book

My work in a form of short prose for Creative Writing midterm task.

Summary: A story of a girl who finds herself hard to move on and often dream about her ex-boyfriend in her sleep.

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