Alex Proyas’ “Ruben’s Dream” (Book of Dreams)

Short movie in the series Book of Dreams, this is Dream 7,
from the director/screenwriter/producer, know for movies such as “The Crow”, “I, Robot”, “Dark City” and “Knowing”. Year of production: 1994?
He won a price for another short, known as “Welcome to Crateland” — which was equally fantastic and weird.

The blurb of the series of shorts was:
“Tell us your dreams…
Read other peoples’ dreams…”

Book of Mormon Stories (6/54): Lehi’s Dream

Book of Mormon Stories Chapter 6: Lehi shares a dream he had with his family. In his dream he saw a tree with fruit that would make you happy. Various groups of people either partake of the fruit, get lost on their way to the tree, or mock those who partake of the fruit.

This video is part of a series illustrating the stories of The Book of Mormon: Another Testament of Jesus Christ. To learn more about the Book of Mormon visit

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One Direction – Dare To Dream Book (Photoshoot)

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