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MDP columnist and author re-releases first novel

•First book was about her 3 pregnancies

•Righter’s columns to be in own compilation

•MDP publisher: Righter has ‘unique sense of humor’

Montrose resident Twyla Righter always thought being a published author was “a crazy pipe dream” as writing one seemed to be quite the undertaking.

It wasn’t completely mental as she published her first book, “About that Pregnancy Glow,” in 2014. The novel was recently re-published and came out Tuesday through her new publisher, City Lights, out of Las Vegas.

The re-release comes as part of another book deal which includes a second book by Righter. The latter book will include her columns and articles written for the Montrose Daily Press and the MDP’s monthly section Valley Health. The untitled book will come out later this year, according to Righter.

The republished “About that Pregnancy Glow,” however, can now be found on amazon.com. Righter said she hopes in the future, hard copies of this book can be bought in local bookstores.

Righter said her first novel was about how “miserable and awful” pregnancy can be. She said the inspiration came from humorous experiences during her three times expectanting and how friends would say she would have a glow, but instead, she found herself constantly sick.

“I just had really, really awful pregnancies,” Righter said. “There are not a lot of books about how yucky it is.”

Daily Press Publisher Tonya Maddox said she’s happy for Righter, whose bi-weekly columns are filled with comedy.

“She’s not your ordinary columnist,” Maddox said. “She’s a strong cup of coffee at times with a unique sense of humor. What I enjoy about her columns is you never know what you’re going to get. I’m always surprised and entertained. I’ve felt like I’ve learned something or seen a different view after reading her column.”

But, there’s one constant in all of them: Montrose. Righter said she makes a point of featuring where she lives and that she is thrilled others will hear about the area through her work.

“They are local,” Righter said. “I write about Montrose, Chipeta, local businesses where I was shopping for Christmas and where my kids play sports. These local references are going to sell in a book that’s going to be sold nationally.”

Maddox said Righter’s columns have been strongly received.

“One of the things in my position is I get feedback on everything that’s in our paper and Twyla has a following,” Maddox said. “And I think her following is going to be quite excited about her columns being condensed into one book. I’m excited for her, for Montrose and for her followers that they will be able to refer back to some of their favorite columns.”

Righter was hesitant about sharing her columns book at a national level — she said she worried about the details readers would learn about her life and those of her children.

“There was a part of me that thought about if I should tone (down) some of the Montrose stuff,” Righter said. “… But at the end of the day I don’t think it’s going to hit the New York Times Bestseller list, so hopefully, the people have the self-control to (not) be wackadoos.”

Righter, who attends national writing seminars and conferences, said she’s been amazed by how easy releasing one’s own book can be. Previously, editors were the “gatekeepers” for authors to release their work. But thanks to the internet, putting out a piece of literature is less daunting, Righter noted.

“The publisher I’m working with and most of the publishers there were buying books that have been self-published and done OK,” Righter said. “… They’re not interested in launching new authors. They’re looking for people who took the time to self-publish and then their own book did well.”

She added that in talking to her own publisher, she learned many well-known books and movies started out as a blog. Righter indicated she hopes her compilation will help put Montrose into the national consciousness.

“I think the book will sell in different parts of the country which should be interesting to see,” Righter said.

Andrew Kiser is the Montrose Daily Press’ sports/business writer. Follow him on Twitter @andrew_kpress.

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